Conducting Flammability Test on Children Apparel

Conducting Flammability Test on Children Apparel

Fire plays an important role in our day-to-day life, starting from bonfire, gas stoves, matchboxes, temple lamps and much more. It is with no-doubt is an essential part of life. But it is only good when handled safely. Especially for children’s, who don’t understand the ill-effects of fire. In this blog section, we will discuss the need of flammability tester in the evaluation of fabric quality wore by children’s to ensure high-level safety.

Need for a Flammability Test

As per a recent survey, it has been observed that there are nearly 750 clothing flammability accidents each year out of which around 80 were fatal. Girls of young age, especially in the teenage age i.e. 12-17 are at the highest risk for severe injuries which can involve long stays in hospital and even plastic surgery.

Unfortunately, loose-fitting, floaty garments like dresses, nightdresses and dressing gowns are susceptible to catching fire, and if they don't come up to safety standards, quickly melt while they burn. And that's not just open fires - electric and gas fires are just as much to blame. In addition, boys aged 14-17 are especially prone to minor accidents, usually due to playing with matches, lighters and outside fires. Therefore, clothing manufacturers must assure that their clothing line is less susceptible to fire and doesn’t catch fire easily.

This can be assured using an accurate testing apparatus such as Flammability Tester. It is a form of a textile testing instrument used for assessment of flammability properties of apparels.

It is a construction of high-quality stainless steel and can undertake a large number of testing cycles conveniently in a shorter time period. It is designed and perform according to the standards of ASTM D-1230.

It is majorly utilized to determine the burning characteristics of textiles under controlled conditions. The testing cabinet allows a clear observation panel. It has a digital timer for automatic timing of flame speed. Equipped with 5 nos. stainless steel specimen holders. It allows you to set the requirements for classifying textiles. To conduct the flammability test, the specimens are cut from textile products designed for apparel and prepared. The specimens are placed into a test frame and a flame is applied, noting the time required for the flame to spread the test length. By using the instrument on can evaluate the level of flammability or the time period at which the cloth catches the fire.

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