Crush Test Procedure for Corrugated Fibre Board

Crush Test Procedure for Corrugated Fibre Board

Corrugated boxes are always in demand and it has been the most preferred way of secondary packing, since years. With the rising awareness, the shippers are more concerned about their quality, as many liabilities are associated with failed packings. And, when we are talking about the transit packings, there is a huge concern regarding stacking strength of the boxes. There are certain tests performed to check the strength of the box, but before that it becomes important to check whether the procured material for box manufacturing is right or not. 

Box manufacturers often procure corrugated fibre boards or sheets to craft boxes out of it. Thus, checking the strength of the material at micro level is important. To make this possible, crush tests are performed. These tests are usually performed on a small sample cut out from the whole lot. The whole test procedure is defined in the testing standards. From choosing the right machine to right dimensions of the sample, everything is defined in standards. Crush testing machines like, Edge crush tester, Ring crush tester, flat crush tester, are used universally to make boxes stand strong.
Edge Crush Tester – This machine helps in performing ECT in which the strength of corrugated fibre board is tested. First of all, a sample is prepared whose dimensions and shape are predefined. This sample is placed in the fixture keeping the corrugator in parallel to the perpendicular axis. The upper movable plate exerts a downward pull or tension on the sample. The sample deforms, and force required to deform it is measured and displayed on the screen. 
Flat Crush Tester – To perform the flat crush test, the fixtures of edge crush testers are changed and replaced with flat crush plates. This makes the crush testing machine universal. In this test, the corrugators of the sample are perpendicular to the corrugators. The movable plate applies force on the sample. The force applied to deform the sample is measured and displayed on the screen. In this test, the sample should be in circular shape. Knives and lever shears should not be used to cut specimen. Excellent results are achieved by using twin blade circular saw.
Ring Crush Test:  This test can be performed by changing the fixtures of the crush testing machine. In this test, a rectangular strip is placed in the circular fixture to give a ring shape. The corrugators are parallel to vertical axis. The movable plate applies sample unless corrugators deform.
Presto’s Edge crush tester gives the freedom to perform all three crush tests from one machine. Contact our experts for technical specifications. 

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