Determination Of Melt Viscosity Using MFI Tester

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Melt Flow Index-DxMFI tester is the best and world’s powerful testing instrument which is widely recommended by the manufacturers in Plastic Industries. It is the best and quick tool that helps to compare the batches of a similar type of material or to estimate the flow properties of the different material mainly to perform extrusion process of thermoplastics, when there is no requirement of deep analysis of molten properties. The actual determination of rheological properties of the molten plastics can be carried out using premium quality of testing devices, the MFR of the thermoplastics is inversely proportional to the shear stress or viscosity of the plastics and provides the estimation to measure the properties and quality of the plastics.

How to determine Melt Viscosity using presto’s MFI Tester?

Presto’s Melt Flow Index Tester is the best testing machine that offers standardized test procedure for the determination of Melt Viscosity using MFI. The instrument is used to evaluate and to ascertain the melt flow properties of the molten plastic resins. Determining the Melt Flow Rate of the plastic is a major attribute that defines the quality of the plastics. Higher the melt flow index of the plastics, more will be the MFR and simpler will be its molecular structure whereas the less MFI of plastics means less MFR, which explains the complex molecular structure of the plastics. This helps to determine the viscosity of the plastics easily.

Solution for plastic testing by Presto Stantest

Presto Stantest two models of MFI tester i.e. Deluxe model and NXG model. The instrument is designed by the team of highly dedicated and experienced professionals keeping in mind the standard test methods that are provided by various standardization authorities. The testing instrument offers highly accurate and reliable test results.

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