Determine 180 Degree Peel Strength of Adhesives

Determine 180 Degree Peel Strength of Adhesives

Industrial Adhesives has numerous applications in the Packaging industry. Applied between films or sheets, the adhesives are expected to deliver the maximum resistance against peeling force. However, some applications have specified requirement for the bond strength and the peeling force. The manufacturer may require the adhesive to deliver strong bond in some application and low bond strength in some. As per the requirement the adhesive strength or the peel strength is decided.

To check if the specified bond strength is applied to the entire batch of production or not an ideal Peel strength tester is required which can perform 180 Degree peel test. The angle specified peel test is the closest resemblance of peeling technique applied by end customers. Peel test can also be conducted in 90 degree angle.
The test equipment can precisely calculate the exact amount of peeling force required to peel off the film and break off the adhesive strength in between. Equipped with microprocessor based digital program which detects even minute force modification and show on the display screen. The screen is improved with installation of a bright LED light which allow user to observe test reading in low light conditions. Special design fixtures available for performing 180 degree peel test.

Designed as per test standards like ASTM D 903. Safety limit switches are a part of the test equipment which is used to restrict the travel length of the fixtures while performing peel test. Easy and strong sample clamping ensure zero slippage of the sample.


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