Determine Defects in Tempered Glass Using Polariscope

Determine Defects in Tempered Glass Using Polariscope

Tempered glasses are used in large extent in recent years such as solar glass, laminated glazing, glass containers etc. So, it is important to check the quality of tempered glass. Various devices are available in the market as tempered glass detectors to determine if the glass has been suitably tempered. The devices informs about that the glass has been through tempering furnace and non-uniform heat treatment. These devices are incapable to assess the level of tempering as the surface compression, cannot be observed by determining glass thickness.

Glass manufacturers all over the world have been using the quantitative measurement of residual surface compression. It is a reliable and non-destructive indicator of mechanical strength and break pattern in heat treated glass. When viewed in a Polariscope Strain Viewer, stress is visible due to optical property in glass, plastics and various other translucent or transparent materials. It causes the incident light to show two indices of refraction offset at 90° to each other and moving at various speeds, with a phase shift which is proportional to stress and presented by an interference pattern that occurs as a distinctive and repeating sequence of colors.

Polariscope Strain Viewr Suits For Various Applications

As the stress at the edges of tempered glass is compressive only, it is possible to arrive at an approximation of temper value by monitoring and counting color bands that represents the fringe orders in polarised light under magnification. Each fringe shows a multiple of one wavelength of optical retardation I.e. 565nm.  
Polariscope Glass Inspection suits for various applications in the optical strain viewing field of plastics and glass industries. A Polariscope is a qualitative tool which uses polarised light to disclose stress patterns in transparent and translucent objects. Various standard models of strain viewers are available in the market such as portable unit to large, modular instruments that may be free standing, small or installed on the wall etc.
Visual inspection using Polariscope, are useful to detect problems like blocked nozzles or temperature control issues. But, they are cannot be trusted to determine whether a glass product adheres to standards or safety requirement for tempered glass.
Some of the features of Polariscope are:
  • Large viewing glass area
  • Standard template to view the sample at 45° and 90° angle
  • Inbuilt hardware and software CD
  • Easy data management
  • A sharper and clear optical viewing experience
  • Pick and place feature to compare test perform image with standard image

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