Determine Impact Strength of Material with IZOD and Charpy Test

Determine Impact Strength of Material with IZOD and Charpy Test

If you want to test the impact of strength and toughness of different materials then we recommend you to make use of IZOD and Charpy test conducting machine from Presto Testing Instruments. This amazing machine will be helpful in evaluating the resistance of plastics and works on the pendulum method. This consistent tool will also measure the impact of resistance on different materials that fall under sudden impact. With the help of this testing instrument, you will easily be able to conduct two tests namely the IZOD test and Charpy test. 

The IZOD test will be responsible to determine the horizontal impact on the vertically clamped specimen, while the Charpy test will be useful in determining the vertical impact on the horizontally placed specimen. This highly reliable instrument will be used in various aspects of the manufacturing industry and quality control departments. 


Introduction about IZOD Testing


This type of testing method came into existence in 1903 where the tests and specimen are designed similar to Charpy impact with notable differences. It will include the testing as well as the orientation of the specimen which will get clamped in the apparatus vertically. The notch will be placed facing the pendulum.


The pendulum will have an impact on the testing that will be performed with either metallic or plastic specimens. This machine will contain a V-shaped notch that will be used to test both specimens.

So, you can easily conduct this test to test the specimen. Now, let us focus on the Charpy test.

Introduction about Chirpy Testing

The chirpy impact test will be conducted due to the relative ease of creating samples and obtaining accurate results. Thus you can easily make use of IZOD and charpy test from Presto testing machine to determine the strength of the testing specimen. When you make use of this testing machine, then you will be able to obtain accurate testing results as it contains the pendulum which will get dropped from a specified height. The notch in this machine will either be V-shaped or U-shaped that will be placed facing away from the pendulum. You can easily perform the testing in both ambients as well as reduced temperatures. 

This type of test is usually performed in metals and with the help of a number of standards you can easily perform the testing for plastic materials.


Is IZOD and Charpy Test can be performed for metals?


It is a fact that the IZOD test is similar in properties but can act differently in design and testing configuration. Most people get confused about which test to be performed for metals? If you are confused between these two tests then your testing provider will be able to provide you with the right recommendations based on the testing goals. 


With the help of IZOD impact testing, you will be able to get materials like plastics and metals to be tested. But when you make use of Charpy impact testing, then you will be able to test metals as well. The notches used in Charpy impact testing include u-notch as well as v-notch while the IZOD testing only includes the v-notch testing material.  


Here in this article, we have mentioned brief information about IZOD and Charpy testing methods. You can easily read about them and choose the best testing method that suits best for your purpose. The results you get while performing these tests will enable you to understand the toughness of the material. You can also determine how much energy you will be able to be used to withstand complete failure. 

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