Determine Material Viscosity Using Melt Flow Instruments

Determine Material Viscosity Using Melt Flow Instruments

The material viscosity is an important feature and is tested with the help of the melt flow instruments. The MFI is measured to determine the amount of grams of polymers pass through a standardized capillary under a standard load for more than ten minutes. The value is a single data point, and the material is tested at one shear stress and temperature. The high MFT rate is indicated by the lower viscosity of a material. The material with 20 MFI has easy flow as compared to the material with 5 MFI. The MFI Testing Machine can be different for different materials.

The high-quality testing instruments determine the MFI data, which is essential for anticipating the change in the process. The issues of over packing, overweight, flash, etc., can be determined with the help of MFI value, and proper adjustments can be made on time.

Reliable and Efficient Melt Flow instruments

The melt flow instruments have a significant role in determining the polymer process. The measurement is single point performed at a relatively low shear rate and temperature. The activation energies of the polymers are obtained by the relationship between the MFI and temperature. The testing device is easy to use and is designed with microprocessor based PID temperature controller for ensuring the accuracy of the results. The temperature of the instrument can be set from ambient to 400oC for providing the optimum level of temperature to the specimens. This allows efficient melting of the plastic granules.

The melt flow instruments are reliable and efficient fulfilling the needs of various industries such as plastics, polymers, food and beverages, blow molding, injection molding, etc. The manufacturers and suppliers of different industries using the machine with ease to check the MFI of the different products.

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