Determine the Mechanical Properties of Plastic Materials with the UTM Machine

UTM Machine

Plastic materials are used by manufacturers from all across industries due to their firm-built and affordable pricing. These materials provide durability at an extremely affordable standard. Similarly, materials like rubber are used in so many industries like automobile, lab testing, electronics, etc. because of their flexibility at an unmatched price. Materials like rubber, plastics, fabrics, etc. have qualities of their own due to differentiating properties.

These properties enable the manufacturer to pick the best suitable out of them for the production of a certain product. However, the most important aspect is that before a manufacturer chooses the correct material, the manufacturer must be aware of the properties of these materials. For example, some plastics are highly ductile in nature, and certain rubbers are not really flexible, but rather durable.    

To avoid confusion and choose the right material with the aligned properties, it is highly important for the manufacturer of the product to evaluate these mechanical properties with the help of a Presto-designed UTM machine.

The universal tensile machine is designed to help manufacturers achieve maximum accuracy while evaluating the mechanical properties of variable materials. Let us take a deeper look into the working module of the instrument.

Working Module of the UTM Machine

The working of the UTM machine is designed to aid in completing the task single-handedly by minimizing the hassle of testing & maximizing the accuracy-driven approach.

Before commencing with the test, the operator conditions the specimen with a dumbbell-cutting press that cuts the specimen into a dumbbell-shaped sample. This allows the thicker ends to be held together for further testing measures. The operator must make sure that the specimen is a minimum of 25mm in length as the heads of the jaws are the closest at 25mm.

The operator has to select the gripper suitable for the specimen as the instrument is available with different gripper types associated at the surface of the jaws which are:

1. Diamond grippers

2. Vice grippers

3. Wedge grippers

4. Zig-Zag grippers

These are provided to ensure maximum accuracy and precise testing results even after repetitive testing as they ensure no slippage when the test is underway.

After the specimen is firmly clamped, the lower clamp moves away from the upper jaw which remains immobilized at one position. The movement of the lower jaw in a downward motion i.e. away from the upper jaw exerts a pull force on the specimen.

The motorized movement of the lower jaw is ensured by the lead screw which is installed within the instrument. The circular shape of the lead screw allows smooth functioning & movement of the lower jaw in a back & forth momentum. 

Since the instrument is governed by the mechanism of the constant rate of traverse, the lower jaw repeats the movement over & over again. The repetitive movement exerts repetitive pressure on the specimen which results in breaking after withstanding the peak load or elongation of the instrument.

The maximum elongation, as well as the peak load at the breaking of the specimen, is indicated on the microprocessor-based digital display. The display is associated with the control panel, aiding the manufacturer in assessing the results and controlling the measures of testing without any issues.

The UTM machine is equipped with top-notch 7 futuristic features to enable the operator to achieve higher accuracy during the test and also ensures durability & longevity of the instrument. You can read more about the working of Zeus Ultimo.

Futuristic Attributes of the UTM Machine

The UTM machine manufacturer has made the instrument the most feature-equipped device for a better testing experience and for expediting the testing procedures.

The most prominent feature of the instrument that has drawn the attention of manufacturers from all across industries is the incorporation of different types of grippers for the firm clamping of the specimen. These grippers ensure absolute zero slippage and thus highly accurate test results.

The instrument is offered with a sample conditioner called the dumbbell cutting press. The equipment carves out the specimen in such a way that it ensures the alliance with testing standards and also prepares the specimen as per the specifications of the device. The dumbbell cutting press is appreciated by the operators of the instrument as it reduces the hassle of cutting the specimen manually.

The UTM machine is equipped with the ability to measure the mechanical properties of various materials like rubber, plastics, fabrics, etc. This allows manufacturers from all across industries to use this highly advanced lab testing equipment and attain desired outcomes.

The equipment carries a high-end microprocessor-based digital display that indicates the pea load as well as the elongation of the specimen, calculated during the course of testing. This eliminates the scope of manual calculation and since the human effort is minimized, the scope of human error also diminishes.

The UTM machine is incorporated with feather touch controls that are embedded within the control panel. These testing controllers promote single-handed & hassle-free testing modulations.

The construction of the instrument has a robust nature to it which encourages manufacturers to get their hands on it. The robust construction also provides an assurance of longevity as the equipment is made with lab-grade stainless steel along with mild steel that is coated with a 7-layered powder paint which ensures the embodiment of rustproof & corrosion-resistant properties in the equipment.

Get Your Hands on the State-of-the-Art UTM machine

 Evaluate the mechanical properties of different materials to determine the correct material to be utilized in the production process with the help of the UTM machine designed at Presto Stantest Pvt. Ltd. Do not wait any further and get your hands on the instrument by simply placing an order on our website. You can also contact us by dialling +91 9210903903 on your phone.

For feedback regarding the equipment or after-sales service, feel free to write to us via e-mail at We would love to hear about your experience with us and will certainly look for improvement in the future assistance.


Author : -Gaurav Malhotra

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