Zeus Ultimo 3.0 tensile testing machine

Zeus Ultimo 3.0 tensile testing machine

Tensile tests are commonly used to measure the mechanical properties of plastics. The force required to break a plastic sample specimen is an indication of the material's strength, while the extent to which the specimen stretches or elongates to that breaking point provides information about its ductility.


Presto's newly launched Zeus Ultimo 3.0 tensile testing machine is one of the high-quality lab testing instruments that is used to test the tensile properties of the materials and help manufacturers test the breaking, tensile, and compression strength of various materials, components, and finished products.

This UTM machine has been designed in accordance with various test standards that include ASTM D412, ASTM D429-73, ASTM D624, ATM D638-01, ASTM D76, IS 13360-5-7, IS 3400(Part1-1987). 

By using this quality UTM machine one can also evaluate the performance of different sets of materials and ensure that quality products will be delivered to the customers. By conducting tensile strength tests on the products, the manufacturers will ensure the specimen's durability and elongation strength.

This quality lab testing equipment has been fitted with an overload/travel safety device which has an Auto stop facility controlled through special software In-built Advanced Microcontroller systems have also been incorporated to ensure the accuracy and reliability of results.

PRESTO tensile testing machine computerized model will perform the test in two modes-as a stand-alone (digital control) machine or through computer control with software. This UTM machine comes with reliable and easy-to-operate user-friendly software that can be useful in various industries like rubber, plastics, automotive, polymers, textiles, R&D labs, production, and material testing. 

The biggest advantage is that users can perform 37 types of quality tests with the help of this quality lab testing instrument.  It has windows based tensile software program that has been specially designed to perform & store basic Tensile & compression test readings.

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