Determine the Strains Present in the Products with a Polariscope Strain Viewer

Determine the Strains Present in the Products with a Polariscope Strain Viewer


It is essential to check the PET preform products. After testing the PET and preform products and testing any defects or strains in them, manufacturers will be able to produce refined products. PET is mainly used in the manufacturing of bottles and containers. 

Presto is a leading supplier of high-quality lab testing equipment and manufactures the top-notch Polariscope strain viewer as well. It is used to detect any kind of strains present in the products and it works on the principle that any kind of changes in the refractive index is just because of strain distributions which leads to the lower transparency of the products. In this blog, we will go through the Polariscope strain viewer in detail and how it helps in delivering quality products to customers.

Gain insight into Presto Polariscope Strain Viewer

It is used to understand the preform test strains and it is a high-end featured instrument that ensures that good quality products are received by the customers. The amount of deformation a material goes through during a test is known as preform test strain. It is used in testing the transparency of optical materials and industries such as manufacturing and engineering industries use this quality-checking instrument to detect any kind of strains in the materials. You can easily study the defects in preforms under polarized light with a polariscope strain viewer.

The NXG model has a high-resolution LCD, polarizer, and analyzer as well. It comes with a powerful LED light that detects the strains and stresses in the products. The interface is user-friendly which makes it easy to operate the equipment and the wide range of products can be tested with the help of a Polariscope strain viewer. 

Why Presto?

Presto is an established supplier of quality-testing instruments and the polariscope strain viewer is one of them. Presto’s Polariscope prices are affordable and within the reach of the customers. Furthermore, the post-sales services offered by Presto are of the next level and they meet the expectations of the customers. 

The reasons to buy the lab equipment from Presto are:

  • Presto’s equipment is calibrated for one year and the certificate of the calibration is also provided when manufacturers buy the equipment.

  • Secondly, the equipment of Presto adheres to international standards that ensure the reliability of the results.

  • Presto offers high-quality lab equipment that helps in recording valid outcomes.

Top features of the Polariscope Strain Viewer that you must know

It is essential to detect the defects in the products before delivering them to the customers. The Presto polariscope strain viewer is high-end featured and ensures to detection of the strains in the PET bottles before making products from them. Then the quality products will be delivered to the customers. You can easily detect the defects present in preforms with the help of this quality testing equipment.

It has a large glass area for the perfect view of the specimens, and a standard template to view the samples at 45-degree and 90-degree angles. It has an inbuilt hardware and software CD and data management is easy too. It comes with a sharper optical viewing experience. You can even determine the defects present in preforms with the help of a polariscope strain viewer.

What is the need to test the defects present in the glass and PET products?

PET and glass products are widely used for storage of the products as they are durable and strong. Another benefit of storing the materials in them is that the materials remain fresh for a longer time in these products. They are air-tight seal containers that ensure that no air gets in to ensure the safety of the products inside them. 

Moreover, these containers are shatter-resistant as well which makes them a great choice for storage and delivering the products. Though PET and glass products have many benefits, there are chances of strain in them during the storage or delivery process that will affect the quality of the materials inside them.

To make it easy for the manufacturers to detect the test for PET and glass products, Presto has designed a high-quality polariscope strain viewer. It can detect all the strains present in the products to make sure the right products are delivered to the customers. It will help in acquiring more customers and meet the expectations of the customers as well.

Delivering the products to the customers on time

When manufacturers check the quality of PET and glass products, they make sure that the content inside the containers will not get spilt. The manufacturers have already tested the products against the stresses and developed the products accordingly to avoid rejection by the customers.

When there is no spillage during the delivery process, then it makes the entire delivery process hassle-free, and the products are also delivered to the customers timely to attain more customers which will in return enhance the brand image.

Benefits of using Polariscope strain viewer

There are several benefits of using the Polariscope strain viewer that ensure that the right products are delivered to the customers without any leakage during the delivery and storage process. This lab testing instrument has been designed to identify different types of preform defects under polarized light. Some of the benefits are:

  • Products remain intact during the delivery process since products do not get deformed as they are stored in quality containers only.

  • Timely delivery of the products.

  • Enhance brand awareness and maintain the integrity of the products. 

  • Attract more customers to the company which will in return bring more revenue to the company.

  • Non-damaged products are received by the customers. 

  • Minimizing the rejection by the customers. 


The polariscope strain viewer has been described thoroughly till now. It ensures the quality of the products that are delivered to the customers. Presto sells the calibrated equipment that provides reliable results. Presto offers top-notch customer service. For instance, proper training is given to the operators at the time of the installation of the machine. Secondly, prompt resolution of the queries is also offered by the Presto. 

Service engineers from Presto itself come to visit the companies at the time of the requirement and that too local service engineers to avoid the issues of language barriers. You can buy Polariscope from Presto at reasonable prices. Customers can dial +91-9210903903 or drop an e-mail at to gain more knowledge about the Presto products. 



Author : -Gaurav Malhotra

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