Determine the Strength of 3 Ply Corrugated Box - Edge Crush Tester

Determine the Strength of 3 Ply Corrugated Box - Edge Crush Tester

To ensure the durability and safety of the product, corrugated boxes, fiberboard, or cartons play a major role in the paper and packaging industry. It is their strength only that saves the product from destruction and loss. Among all, the corrugated boxes are mainly known and used for their sturdy and strong nature. These boxes have a different structure that depends upon the sheets used in them. These boxes are available in single ply, double ply, three-ply, and multi-layer ply sheets. More the number of plies of the box more is the strength of the box.

The 3 plies corrugated box is the standard sheet box that is used highly in the packaging industry. Hence, for the manufacturers, it is important to test the strength of the box to drive the best result. It passes through the puncture resistance test, bursting strength test, and edge-wise strength test to ensure the durability of the box.

Why Edge Crush Test?

The Edge Crush Test is performed to measure the resistance of cardboard against the cross-sectional crushing forces. As the edges of the box are meant to be strong so as to deliver the protective strength against the compressive forces, the edge crush tester helps to determine the edge-wise strength of the box. Therefore, the edge crush tester helps the manufacturer to deliver the best box while ensuring the protective capability of the material.

Benefits of Using ECT or Edge Crush Testing in Packaging Industry

ECT or Edge Crush Tester is the best way to determine the quality of the material while testing the strength and resistance against the compressive forces.

Through this test, the safety of goods and products are ensured for the transportation and storage process.

Also, it helps to determine the exact capability of the box in order to bear the weight or force.

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