Determining Compressive Resistance of Fibreboard Containers

Determining Compressive Resistance of Fibreboard Containers
The fibreboard containers are used for wide variety of application but are majorly known for its capability of storing and carrying products safely to distant locations. Box Compression Tester is often used to determine the compressive resistance of the containers. However the right equipment and technique can make all the changes.
The Compression strength tester is a Twin column robust structure which is used to evaluate the compression resistance of corrugated fibreboard containers. Strong compression plate made of high-grade mild steel material are installed in the equipment for generating vertical load on the box specimen. NABL certified load cell is equipped on the compression plate for uniform distribution of the applied compression load. It has been often found that the compression load applied is precise but still operators find errors in the compression test results. This is because of the lack of uniform distribution of force. The load cell used in this tester assures that equal amount of compressive force is distributed to each and every corner.
It complies with international test standards which are accepted in wide variety of industrial sectors such as ASTM D642, ASTM D4169, TAPPI T804, ISO 12048, and JIS Z0212. The test read out digitally operated using a microprocessor based program. The digital based display screen shows the current test results as well as record the test values for future reference. It can also detect and record the Tare and peak hold value during the test. With upward and downward limit switches, it provides over travel protection.

The test method to be followed is that the specimen box to be tested is placed on the platform and then it pressed downwards using the compression plate. The point at which the box starts buckling is recorded and the compression strength of the box is calculated.

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