Determine the Rotational Force Required to Open Bottle Caps

Determine the Rotational Force Required to Open Bottle Caps

The manufacturers precisely design the bottles and the challenging part is to determine the seal integrity of such bottle caps. The bottle caps are designed with a combination of external threads to ensure maximum seal integrity. To open these bottle caps, a rotational force is applied to them. To maximize consumer satisfaction as a manufacturer it becomes crucial for the bottle manufacturer to achieve the optimum level of torque (rotation/angular force) required to open the bottle.

To curb this issue of achieving optimum levels of torque for opening bottle closures, Presto Group has come up with an ergonomically designed lab testing instrument called the digital torque tester.

The digital torque tester is precisely engineered equipment that accurately determines the requirement of torque for opening bottle closures for accurate assessment of uncertainties during manufacturing stages. These uncertainties are taken into consideration by the manufacturers and are thus resolved before the product reaches the end consumer.

Th digital torque tester has such high levels of accuracy due to its simplistic working mechanism which enables the manufacturer to perform single-handed operations and achieve precise results consistently.

Working Mechanism of Digital Torque Tester

The torque tester is designed to aid the manufacturer with an operator-friendly approach for performing seal integrity tests with facile & ease.

The instrument enables testing only after the eradication of the safety key attached to the rotating base plate for precision and easy portability. After the removal of the safety key the bottle that is going to be tested is placed within the dedicated sample holder.

Once the sample is placed in the sample holder, the 4 knobs are tightened to clamp the sample firmly in order to make sure that the sample does not move while opening the seal/closure of the bottle. The knobs are tightened with the help of a wheel handle attached at the right end of the torque tester for easy & firm clamping.

After making sure that the clamping is done firmly, the operator can simply open the closure of the bottle by implying a certain amount of torque or rotating force over the closure in the opposite direction of the closure. The maximum rotational force applied on the closure is recorded as the ‘PEAK’ value and indicated on the microprocessor-based digital display for easy recording and tracking of the result.

The operator now has accurately quantified the measurements of the torque required to open the bottle closure with the help of a torque tester.

The technical specification of the lab testing instrument can be customized, however Presto Stantest Pvt. ltd. offers a torque tester analogue that is constructed in consideration of the compliance of designated standards.

Technical Specifications of Torque Tester 

The instrument has different models for different sample sizes to aid a larger community of manufacturers from the bottle manufacturing industry & closure manufacturing industry.

·      20 lb-inch model

·      25 lb-inch model

·      50 lb-inch model

·      100 lb-inch model

The instrument also runs on 220V electronic power in a single phase with a working at 50 Hz that allows the manufacturer & operator to save on electricity.

The digital meter attached to the digital torque tester is an LED-made display for accurate reading of the results.

The diameter of the specimen holder plate is 30mm which enables the manufacturer to test containers with cap closures as well.

The instrument has a feature ‘PEAK’ & ‘HOLD’ to assist the operator in simply assessing the reading and keeping track of recorded results with ease.

The weight of calibration weights provided for verification is 10 lbs & 20 lbs.

The instrument is designed as a feature-loaded lab testing equipment for accurate & easy testing to attain maximum user satisfaction. 

Key Features of Digital Torque Tester

The instrument is equipped with strong & rugged pegs used for clamping the specimen. The 4 pegs due to its rugged surface ensure extremely firm clamping with zero slippage support.

The instrument can keep track of up to 9 sample readings, allowing the manufacturer to critically analyze the results by comparing them with previously achieved ones.

The data output availability in display form also aids the manufacturer of closures to simply record data without any hassle.

The safety lock pin attached to the base plate is one of the most prominent features of the instrument as it ensures precise testing by keeping the base plate steady and also ensures zero movement of the base plate during transit.

The clamping mechanism is designed in a certain adjustable manner that allows the lab testing instrument to measure the torque of big bottles and even containers.

Presto Stantest Pvt ltd. also offers calibration weights along with the instrument to provide a sense of assurance to the manufacturers and assist them with verification of the acquired results.

The instrument is precisely manufactured to attain higher levels of accuracy. However, to achieve greater levels of accuracy by maximizing the output of the instrument there are certain installation aspects that must be taken into consideration.

Installation Aspects of the Digital Torque Tester

The torque tester is a bench-top designed model which makes it necessary to place the lab testing over an even table or bench rather than placing it on the floor or on a rugged surface. It is also important to make sure that the instrument is placed on a surface that can withstand the weight of the instrument.

Make sure that the digital torque tester is installed near a power plug for constant electricity support.

The digital torque tester must have no previous reading and make sure that the calibration is perfectly implemented.

The instrument must comply with safety regulations & guidelines relevant to the industry for achieving maximum accuracy.

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