How Does Drop Tester Help Manufacturers of the Corrugated Box Industry?

How Does Drop Tester Help Manufacturers of the Corrugated Box Industry?

The manufacturers of corrugated boxes have a responsibility to construct durable as well as long-lasting boxes that can withstand free falls during transit & storage. The free-falling of corrugated boxes can lead to severe damage to the items packed in them. To safeguard the packaged items, it becomes crucial to test these boxes with free-falling beforehand in order to achieve maximum levels of customer satisfaction.

The Presto Group has come up with an answer to the queries of manufacturers asking how to test corrugated boxes. The answer to this prevailing question is the drop tester, a lab testing instrument designed precisely to assess the ability of corrugated boxes against falls by simulating free falls during transit & storage.

The instrument is manufactured with precision to make sure that the designated standards are in compliance with the testing measures.

The drop test is performed with a very simplistic mechanism to aid the operator in performing single-handed operations repeatedly.

Working Mechanism of Drop Tester

The ergonomically designed lab testing instrument is constructed to perform testing in compliance with the designated drop test standards to achieve maximum precision & accuracy consistently.

The lab testing instrument is equipped with pneumatic support to enable minimal human effort & enhance accuracy as well as perform tests expeditiously.

The drop tester is equipped with a twin flap platform with a rugged surface for the placement of the corrugated box. The twin flaps are separated with the help of a safety pin before the conduction of the drop test.

The safety pin is removed and the twin flaps are attached together, forming a platform for the positioning of the sample. The sample is placed above after the flaps are closed together as a platform.

The instrument offers a pneumatic pedal & remote controlled movement of the platform on which the corrugated box is positioned which enables the opening of the platform, resulting in the free-falling of the box that is being tested.

The instrument also conducts three different types of drops which are:

1. Edge Drop Test

2. Corner Drop Test

3. Flat Drop Test

The three tests are conducted with the help of the edge holding device situated on top of the twin flab platform to ensure perfect positioning of the sample.

The drop tester manufacturer also provides a provision for adjusting the height of the platform with the help of a circular lead screw that ensures smooth movement of the platform to certain heights.

Once the test is completed and the corrugated box falls on the ground, the operator or the manufacturer critically analyses the box and the damages that took place due to the fall.

If the criteria mentioned in the designated standards are fulfilled by the corrugated box, it is assessed as fit for packaging. However, if the corrugated box does not pass the criteria of standards, the manufacturers have to enhance the quality of the specimen.

This determines the uncertainties for manufacturers regarding the corrugated box which helps them save huge amounts of losses faced due to poor construction.

The instrument is equipped with numerous features along with a simplistic working module to assist the manufacturers with hassle-free working.

Key Features of Drop Tester

The drop tester manufacturer provides a top edge holding device that ensures accurate positioning of the sample and also ensures three different types of testing methodologies.

The usage of the circular lead screw enables smooth movement of the twin flap platform assisting the operator to perform the free-falling of corrugated boxes from different heights with ease.

The lab testing instrument is constructed with a twin flap platform to ensure that no external forces are applied during the free fall of the corrugated box that is being tested.

The construction of the instrument is designed in consideration of anti-corrosive properties to enhance the rustproofing of the equipment and thus durability for the long term.

The Presto Group makes sure to provide maximum assistance to its customers, whether it is about providing state-of-the-art lab testing instruments or assisting the manufacturers with top-notch features to ensure testing with facile & absolute ease.

The Presto Group assists customers with their questions & queries by answering the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding the drop tester.

FAQs Regarding the Drop Tester

Ques. What makes the lab testing instrument so important for manufacturers?

Ans. The responsibility of these managers to provide durable packaging by testing them against falls makes the drop tester an extremely crucial product for all the manufacturers. The ergonomic design with a simplistic working mechanism also makes the instrument extremely popular among manufacturers.  

Ques. What is the working mechanism of the drop test?

Ans. The working mechanism of the top-notch lab is to assess the durability of corrugated boxes against free falling by simulating real-life falls from different heights that a corrugated box may experience during transportation & storage activities.

Ques. How does the twin platform better for the free-falling of corrugated boxes?

Ans. The lab testing instrument is equipped with a twin flap platform for the positioning of the sample that is controlled pneumatically with a pneumatic pedal or the remote control. The twin flap platform is an engineering perfection as it ensures that the box falls freely without any application of external force other than gravity. This helps the manufacturer to achieve maximum precision and accuracy consistently.

Ques. Where can we get our hands on the drop tester and what is the correct drop tester price?

Ans. You can get your hands on the ergonomically designed lab testing instrument directly by visiting our website or you can buy drop tester directly or get the exact drop tester price by contacting us via call at +91 9210903903 or by emailing us at

The Presto Group always aims to assist customers with high-end testing instruments along with the finest services at their doorstep. You can get benefit of the top-notch services by getting your lab testing equipment from the leading instrument manufacturer Presto Stantest Pvt ltd.


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