Edge Crush Tester becoming priority for Bulb Packaging 2017

Edge Crush Tester becoming priority for Bulb Packaging 2017

Packaging plays a major role in preventing transportation damage of the products throughout the supply chain. Electronic products such as light bulbs which require delicate handling is in need of strong packaging to ensure full protection from load damage caused by transportation shocks and piling-up load. 

Quality Bulb packaging protects light bulbs from physical or chemical damages. Moreover, it can also provide the required information such as power demand, lumen intensity, and average life in hours, energy class, efficiency class, etc. 

Depending on the type of material used, bulb packaging can be divided into two sections: 
         ·         Eco-friendly material
         ·         Non ecofriendly material
Depending on the end use, bulb packaging can be divided into three sections:
         ·         CFL packaging
         ·         LED packaging
         ·         Incandescent lamp packaging 
The light bulb is prone to lose its functionality during the transportation or storage; hence it is important for packaging manufacturers to produce damage resistant, strong and top-grade quality Packaging.   
Presto Edge Crush Tester
Presto brings you the ultimate solution for testing the packaging strength of corrugated boxes, Edge Crush Tester (ECT).
It is precisely built to calculate the crush strength of the corrugated board/boxes.
Edge Crush Tester allows you to perform a testing process in three different variants:
1. Ring Crush Test (RCT)
2. Edge Crush Test (ECT)
3. Flat Crush Test (FCT)
The Edge Crush Test (ECT) allows you to calculate the value of the cross-direction crushing strength of a corrugated board specimen. It provides you a detail information on the capability of a specific board specimen to resist crushing load. 
The Edge Crush Resistance ‘R’, is expressed in the unit of kilonewtons per meter (kN/m) and is calculated by the equation:
‘R= 0.01× mean value of the maximum force’ (measured in newtons)
Edge Crush Tester is fabricated under Test Standard IS 7063 to ensure zero error testing results. It is digitally controlled along with distinct fixtures for ring crush, edge crush, and flat crush test. Strong gripping clamps for a tight hold on the specimen are provided.
The best feature of all is the Inbuilt calibration facility which allows you to calibrate the machine as per your company standard. 
Key Features
·         Load Cell Capacity of 100 Kgf 
·         LED (Digital) Display
·         Accuracy of ±2% at full load (with master load) 
·         Least Count/Resolution of 0.01 Kgf 
·         Offering Power of 220V, Single phase, 50 Hz 
·         Complies Test Speed of 12.5± 2.5 mm/min
With Presto Edge Crush Tester, you can build Quality Reputation worldwide, that can’t be crushed.

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