How is the Edge Crush Strength of Corrugated Sheets Calculated?

How is the Edge Crush Strength of Corrugated Sheets Calculated?

Packaging items with absolute precision is very important to safeguard items during transit & storage activities as they are extremely accident prone under such circumstances. These items can be sensitive, expensive, perishable, or easily breakable which can cause hefty losses to manufacturers or transporters in case of any damage.

To curb this issue faced by manufacturers of various industries, it becomes highly necessary for manufacturers of packaging items to provide durable boxes for shipping and storage.

The durability of packaging items is tested by undergoing testing in the preform stage itself. One such testing measure is to evaluate the corrugated sheets against crushing forces to ensure that the edges of the corrugated boxes remain intact after the final production which will safeguard the items kept within the boxes.

The Presto Group offers the edge crush tester, a very well-manufactured lab testing instrument that forces tension via compression on the edges of the corrugated sheet in different methodologies for assessing their ability to withstand compression forces that a corrugated box might face during stacking for storage purposes.

The instrument is widely used in the paper & packaging industry due to its simple appliance and accuracy-driven results on a consistent basis.

Different tests conducted with the help of Presto edge crush tester

The edge crush tester follows 3 major working methodologies to assess the edge crush strength of the corrugated sheets.

1. Edge crush test

2. Ring crush test

3. Flat crush test

The corrugated sheet is firmly clamped with the help of the tightening knobs among the grippers or jaws of the instrument.

The compression plate with a motorized synchronization forces pressure on the specimen in a compressing manner and the load leads to crushing of the specimen.

The crushing leads to deformity which is depicted by the microprocessor-based display for easy tracking of records by the operator of the instrument.

The operator has to ensure the right fixture for the testing methodology opted among the three. These 3 methodologies are designated by various standards whose compliances are necessary to be taken into consideration during the conduction of the test.

The instrument with its futuristic working mechanism aids the operator in signifying all the necessaries that emerged due to the conduction of the test over the specimen in its preform stage. This helps manufacturers take these uncertainties into consideration and fix them in the preform stage itself, eradicating the scope of huge losses during the later stages of testing.

The instrument is equipped with certain features that must be acknowledged as they contribute to the accuracy of the instrument to a great extent.

Features of Edge Crush Tester

The features of the edge crush tester are imbibed within the instrument with an operator-centric approach to assist manufacturers in conducting the tests.

The instrument is equipped with variable fixtures for different testing methodologies to achieve maximum levels of accuracy and simplistic testing with absolute facile. This also allows the operator to perform tests expeditiously.

The jaws & grippers of the instrument have rugged surfaces along with tightening knobs for firm clamping of the specimen so that it doesn’t move during the course of testing.

The edge crush tester is precisely engineered in consideration of compliance with all the designated standards required for maximum durability attainment. The motorized compression plate is also designed as per compliance so that it puts uniform pressure on the specimen for accurate derivation of results.

The microprocessor-based display helps the operator to critically analyze as well as keep track of all the records and compare them with previously recorded results.

The instrument is offered with feather touch controls for an ergonomic & simplistic functioning of the instrument. These controls promote single-handed optimization, assisting the manufacturer in achieving the highest levels of accuracy due to the reduced scope of human error.

The instrument is constructed with high-quality materials to avoid rusting & corrosion. The materials used are lab-grade stainless steel & mild steel coated with 7-layered powder paint for a corrosion-resistant finish. 

Installation Aspects of the Edge Crush Tester

To enhance the efficiency of the instrument there are certain installation aspects that an operator must undertake.

·       The edge crush tester must be kept on top of an even bench or table that has the ability to withstand weights as the equipment is designed as a bench top model.

·       The operator must adhere to the quick start guide provided along with the instrument for installation purposes. For further queries, you can reach out to technical support at +91 9210903903 by the Presto Group.

·       It is highly important to use the right fixtures with respect to the performing test methodology to achieve accurate results rapidly.

·       The instrument must be kept in an ambient environment, away from a corrosion-friendly atmosphere to ensure long-term durability.

It is extremely important to know which testing method to undertake for which sample for hassle-free testing as well as accurate results.

·       Ring Crush Test: under this testing methodology the specimen must be carved out into a ring shape.

·       Flat Crush Test: the corrugated sheet must be of 5 to 7 plies and positioned in such a way that the surface of the specimen faces the compression plate.

·       Edge Crush Test: under this testing methodology, the corrugated sheet must not exceed 5 plies and must be placed in such a way that the compression plates face the edge of the specimen.

Buy Edge Crush Tester Right Now

To get your hands on the high-end lab testing instrument, designed to curb the solution of manufacturers from the paper & packaging industry in assessing & evaluating the ability of corrugated sheets to withstand compression. You can also get your hands on the top-notch device right away by reaching out to our website or by contacting us via phone call at +91 9210903903 or by sending us your feedback via e-mail at

The Presto Group strives forward to reach high levels of quality and serve the customer as well as manufacturers of the paper & packaging industry.


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