Elevate Your Quality Assurance with the Universal Testing Machine

Universal Testing Machine
  • Gaurav Malhotra
  • 26-06-2024

If frequent product rejections due to material strength issues and customer complaints about product quality impact your business, then read on….

Don’t let poor quality crush your profits!

Implement Tensile Strength Testing - a simple yet effective solution that can resolve 97.8% of your material strength-related challenges with minimal effort.

Benefits of UTM

The top 5 benefits of implementing the Universal Testing Machine at your testing laboratory are :

1.Money Saved is Money Earned:Increase your earnings now!

By identifying over-engineered products, the Universal Testing Machine helps you reduce unnecessary material usage and save money. This means cost-effective material use, without compromising on strength. Hence,leading to significant savings on raw materials and shipping cost.

Cut your cost and increase your profits by using our UTM test machines

2. Quality is the BEST Business Plan

The Tensile Tester ensures your product consistently meets high-quality standards by identifying and eliminating weaknesses. The result? Zero returns, zero customer complaints…Ultimately boosting your brand reputation & sales!!

4.Assured Compliance with Industry Standards

Tensile strength testing is an important test that makes sure that materials and products meet specific regulatory requirements. If a product complies with these standards it is beneficial, because this not only avoids legal issues but also boosts customer confidence. The customer’s trust in your product’s reliability and quality increases.

4. Increased Product Longetivity - build your products to last!

By testing tensile strength, you can ensure that your products are built to last. This reduces the need for frequent replacements & enhances customer satisfaction.

5.Optimized Production Processes

Tensile strength testing helps you fine-tune your manufacturing processes. This is possible through understanding material behavior under stress. 

Select the right Universal Testing Machine (UTM) by keeping in mind five crucial parameters :

1.Sample Test: Identify the type of tests you will be conducting - such as tensile, compression, bending, or shear tests. This will help you determine the necessary features and specifications of your UTM.


2.Load Cell Capacity: Ensure the load cell capacity of the UTM matches the maximum force you expect to apply during your tests.


While lower loadcell capacity (10- 1,000 kg) is ideal for testing materials as plastics, rubber, textiles, and delicate components; for heavy-duty materials and components one needs higher capacity of 5000-10,000 mm/min.


3. Speed of Testing: Different materials and tests require varying testing speeds. Choose a UTM that offers a range of speeds to accommodate your testing protocols and ensure precise data collection.


Low-Speed Testing (5 - 50 mm/min) is suitable such as plastics & rubber, but higher speed is often required for materials such as metals, ceramics, automotive components, textiles, and packaging materials.


4. Grips Style: The grip style is essential for securely holding your test samples, without slippage or damage. The Grips need to be compatible with the shape and size of the materials you will be testing. You can choose either the Wedge/ Pneumatic/ Vice grips/ Roller/ Zigzag/ Self-tightening grips based on your requirement.


5. ASTM Standard: Compliance with relevant ASTM standards ensures that your testing methods and results are consistent with industry requirements. To live up to the standards of quality, UTM is instrumental in achieving this.



Why Choose Presto Universal Testing Machines?

1. Three-in-One Load Cell Facility

The Presto Zeus Ultimo Tensile Tester comes equipped with a versatile three-in-one load cell facility, allowing you to conduct a variety of tests with a single machine, streamlining your testing process.

2. In-Built Calibration Facility

Equipped with an in-built calibration facility, the Presto UTM ensures that your machine is always precise and accurate. Minimizing downtime, it guarantees reliable & accurate test results.

3. Advanced Software with Two-Way Communication

Presto's advanced software provides seamless two-way communication, enabling real-time data transfer and control between your UTM and computer.

4. Automatic Results and Versatile Testing Capabilities

With Presto UTMs, you can perform up to 37 different tests, including elongation, tensile strength, yield strength, break load and many more- all with one machine.

5. Advanced Safety Features

Safety is a top priority with Presto UTMs. Our machines are equipped with advanced safety features to protect the operator and the instrument.

Choosing the right testing machine is crucial for your operations. Therefore, Presto Universal Testing Machines are designed to meet and exceed your expectations.

The following feedback by our customers are testament to our dedication of serving you well.

Jason George, Quality Manager: “Presto UTMs have revolutionized our testing processes. The accuracy and reliability are unmatched in the industry!”

Urmi Sarma, Lab Technician: “The user-friendly software, robust construction, safety & an excellent service team make Presto our go-to choice for all testing needs.”

To get the UTM machine price or you need further information, please reach contact us at +91 9210903903 or e-mail us your specific requirement or the instrument at info@prestogroup.com.

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