Eliminate Excessive Moisture by Measuring It with the Moisture Meter

Moisture Meter

The rigid paper & packaging industry contributes a lot to the manufacturer of a product or item. After the manufacturing process is completed in adherence with all the designated standards, it is time for the manufacturer to pack the manufactured item into specific corrugated boxes, suitable for the packaging of the product.

These boxes are made up of paper in the initial stage or corrugated sheets in the preform stage.  These boxes are checked against compressions & free-falls to ensure that these boxes are suitable for delivery. However, all these tests take place at a later stage which results in hefty losses faced by the rigid paper & packaging industry.

This makes it extremely important for manufacturers of the rigid packaging industry to assess & evaluate certain qualifications of the paper being used in the initial stages. One of the most important aspects while selecting a paper is to evaluate its moisture and thus GSM.

With the determination to reduce the losses of manufacturers from the rigid paper & packaging industry, the Presto group designed a top-notch & futuristic lab testing equipment called the moisture meter. The instrument is constructed with precision to determine the moisture content present in a piece of paper. This enables the operator to evaluate whether the material complies with standards or not.

Let us take a look at how the lab testing instrument works & functions to derive accurate results over & over again.

Functioning of the Moisture Meter

The instrument is developed with extreme precision to make sure that it can be used with no facile and the operator can reach maximum accuracy without putting in much effort. 

The portability of the instrument due to its handheld construction enables the operator to conduct the test with absolute facile and perform testing with no or minimal issues. 

Before commencing the test, the manufacturer must be sure of the fact that the width of the specimen does not exceed 3.8 mm. Once the operator makes sure that the specimen is as per the regulations, the two pins associated on top of the moisture meter are inserted into the sample.

It is highly important to make sure that the moisture analyser does not indicate an already existing value before the insertion of the pins.

After that, the operator has to simply press the ‘measure’ button, and the moisture present in the paper per gram square will be determined on the digital display of the lab testing equipment.

This is how the lab testing instrument determines the accuracy-driven results repeatedly.

Let us look at top-quality features of the instrument that puts it on top of the shelf amongst other competitors.

Features of the Moisture Meter

The moisture meter is a feature-enriched product that enables the operator to perform tests and achieve high levels of precision expeditely. These features not only ensure accuracy but also promote the idea of single-handed testing.

The first and foremost feature that makes the instrument the prime choice for manufacturers of the rigid paper & packaging industry is the handheld build of the instrument that increases the maneuverability and encourages the operator to perform tests with absolute facile.  

The moisture analyser has a cover for the dual-pin assembly to safeguard the instrument’s most important equipment. Along with the safety cap, the lab testing instrument also offers an automatic shut-down technology to ensure that the battery is not consumed during the test is not conducted.

The lab testing equipment is widely known as the moisture meter digital because of its wide & big LCD screen that helps the operator to determine the results obtained from the testing procedure.

The moisture meter digital follows a mechanism of electrical resistance which helps the instrument hold ties with the futuristic technology and thus prove an assurance of accuracy-driven results.

The feather touch controls of the instrument encourage the operator to perform testing without any hassle and also allow the operator to expedite the testing process.

All these features amalgamate together to provide a seamless experience to the operator and make sure that the testing is conducted accurately without any flaws.

There are a lot of questions regarding the moisture meter that are asked by manufacturers from the rigid paper & packaging industry. As the leading lab testing instrument manufacturer it becomes the duty of the Presto Group to eradicate any such confusion prevailing in the industry.

Q&As Regarding the Moisture Meter

Ques. Which principle is followed by the moisture meter to determine the moisture content?

Ans. The moisture meter is governed by the electric resistance-based technology that follows the capacitance principle to determine the moisture content.

Ques. How deep can the dual-pin assembly of the moisture meter can be inserted?

Ans. The lab testing equipment is suitable for specimens that have a maximum width of 3.8 mm. This determines that the dual-pin assembly can be inserted up to 3.8 mm.

Ques. Is there more than just one type of moisture meter?

Ans. There are two types of moisture meters that are widely used in the rigid paper & packaging industry: the pin-assembled and the pinless moisture meter. One runs on electrical resistance whereas the other follows an electromagnetic resistance to determine the results respectively.

Ques. What is the moisture meter price in the market and where can I get it from?

Ans. You can get the best moisture meter price from the leading lab testing manufacturer in the country, called Presto Stantest Pvt. Ltd.

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