Enhance Material Performance at Elevated Temperatures with the Hot Air Oven

Hot Air Oven

In a country with such diverse climatic conditions, it becomes necessary for manufacturers from different industries to assess materials used in the production of the final goods against certain climatic conditions. Along with the evaluation of these materials under certain weather conditions, another important aspect of testing samples with the ab testing instruments is to condition the sample for achieving accurate results by conducting free & fair testing.

One of the important evaluations of these materials is under high & elevated temperatures to make sure that they do not surrender to the scorching heat over a period of time. There are also tests that require the specimen to be conditioned at a certain temperature before the conduction to ensure the accuracy of the derived results.

Manufacturers have a tendency to test specimen materials beforehand to avoid losses in the later stages. Considering the same Presto Stantest Pvt. Ltd. has brought a one-stop solution for the evaluation as well as conditioning of a specimen at elevated temperatures known as Hot air oven

The lab testing instrument is based on a hot air oven principle and is known as the hot air oven as well. The hot air oven principle is used in various industries to evaluate the deformation, heat compression & heat resistance of materials like rubber, plastics & hard plastics.

The hot air oven has gained the trust of manufacturers from all across industries by assisting them with conditioning & evaluation of specimens at elevated temperatures on the hot air oven principle with absolute ease & facile.

Let us look into the working mechanism of the hot air oven to help you acknowledge the functioning in a better way.

Hot Air Oven Working Mechanism

The hot air oven works on the hot air oven principle allowing manufacturers to conduct free & fair testing at all times with absolute facile and no hassle at all.

To conduct the testing, the operator has to make sure that the specimen is placed correctly inside the instrument. After the specimen is positioned the operator must close the door and lock it with the dedicated handle that ensures maximum insulation and no interference of the external weather.

The operator can now adjust the temperature with the help of the control panel associated with the instrument. The instrument allows the operator to perform testing for a dedicated time span with the help of a preset timer.

Once the testing begins the operator can simply choose whether the fans of the testing instrument should be turned on or remain off through a toggle switch. The aerodynamically designed fans ensure uniform heating all around the specimen for better accuracy.

The inner chamber where the testing takes place is incorporated with highly advanced heaters that ensure homogenous heating which are complimented extremely well with aerodynamically designed fans for a uniform spread of the elevated temperature all around the specimen.

Once the hot air oven working is completed as per the adjusted timer, the operator can simply take the specimen out of the enclosed chamber and assess the reactions that took place due to the elevated temperature. The operator can also determine that if the specimen is conditioned properly for the designated test or not.

The instrument is equipped with state-of-the-art features to expedite the operator’s testing speed as manufacturing industries function on extremely tight deadlines.

State-of-the-art Features of the Hot Air Oven

The functioning of the lab testing instrument as per the hot air oven principle is itself a feature other than the top-notch technical features incorporated within the instrument.

The construction of the lab testing instrument with dual wall layering to ensure maximum insulation enhances the accuracy of the instrument along with precise testing measures. To ensure the same, the door of the instrument is equipped with a latch lock, allowing absolutely no leakage of the simulated climatic conditions from the inside.

The instrument has a designated control panel with variable adjustment settings that enable the operator to perform testing in compliance with different standards along with personalized results derivation.  The adjustment settings include PV & SV values, a Preset timer for a controlled testing time span, a fan on & off toggle switch, and temperature settings.

The incorporation of the rapid circulation fan has been an outstanding feature of the instrument as it has scaled up the accuracy levels.

The lab testing instrument is widely used in variable industries because of its robust construction with the precise fabrication of lab-grade stainless steel on the inside chamber as well as mild steel material on the outside which is coated with a 7-layer powder paint for corrosion-resistant finish.

The safety features of the instrument have also played a major part in abiding by the hot air oven principle as the instrument is equipped with T/P special features that limit the instrument from overshooting the temperature.

It is key to have a look into the hot air oven specification before getting your hands on the device.

Hot Air Oven Specifications

·       The dimensions of the instruments are 455mm X 455mm X 455mm (18 X 18 X 18 inches).

·       The instruments allow the temperature elevation up to 250o C.

·       The timer range can be set at a maximum of 999 hrs for long-term testing & conditioning of samples.

·       The instrument is equipped with 2 shelves on the inside for different specimen placement at once.

These are the necessary hot air oven specifications that a buyer must adhere to before getting their hands on the instrument.

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The lab testing equipment based on the hot air oven principle can help you condition your specimens and evaluate them under high temperatures by simulating heated weather conditions.

You can get your hands on the device by Presto Stantest Pvt. Ltd. by reaching out to us on our website or directly giving us a call at +919210903903 to know the hot air oven price & place an order. We would appreciate feedback on our service from your end at our e-mail info@prestogroup.com.


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