Enhance Polymer Product’s Longevity with the UV Test Chamber

UV Test Chamber

Products that are made with polymer materials as the prominent choice are extremely prone to get impacted on their longevity due to the exposure to the environment.

The extreme environmental conditions are evil for the polymer materials used by manufacturers as they lead to the degradation of the quality of these materials. For example, plastic chairs when left under scorching sunlight tend to fade due to the UVA & UVB rays from the sun affecting the surface of the coated polymer material. Another example of degradation caused by environmental exposure is the color differences that we witness on the surface of a car due to direct contact with the environment and the sunlight.

The Presto Group offers an extremely advanced lab testing instrument called the UV test chamber that is designed with maximum precision to simulate real-life environment conditions in a cyclic method to evaluate the reactions of the polymer materials to extreme climatic conditions that can cause trouble to the durability of the product.

To overcome the issue of product degradation after just a short while of utilization, manufacturers must book an outstanding weathering chamber that determines accurate results by precisely imitating real-life environments.

Acknowledging how the instrument functions in determining the physical properties of a polymer material is important for a better understanding of the device.

Working Mechanism of the UV Test Chamber

The UV environmental test chamber is a trusted lab testing instrument due to its simplistic working module, allowing manufacturers to reach higher levels of accuracy with absolute ease.

To conduct the test, the operator has to place the sample in the dedicated sample holder which accommodates up to 48 samples at once. It is important to make sure that the specimen is placed facing the inside of the holder for the correct testing process.

Once the specimen is placed, the operator can close the specimen holder with a dial or ring-structured holder and shut the lid of the testing chamber.

The operator can adjust the timing & irradiance level, testing time as well as the temperature of the test with the help of the dedicated HMI-based LCD screen.

The instrument now imitates the real-life environments inside the testing chamber due to the incorporation of either UVA or UVB lights as per the requirements of the customer. These lights replicate the rays of sunlight and impact the surface of the specimen to measure it against fading. The irradiance level of the instrument is also conducted by the incorporation of heaters that simulate the heat of sun rays impacting the specimen. You can read more on how to commence a test using a UV weathering tester.

After the first testing measure, the second testing methodology that is followed is the imitation of rain by the spray testing technique. The instrument is equipped with a water tank that holds the water and allows the H2O to be sprayed inside the testing chamber on the specimen with the help of dedicated sprinklers. 

The UV environmental test chamber is also equipped with a ventilation port that allows the water to flow out of the testing chamber. The spray time is usually less than the time of other tests, the operator can use the HMI-based screen to select the time of the test.

The third and final testing measure is to conduct the condensation test that simulates the humid conditions in the environment that degrades the polymer material’s durability by affecting the polymer bonds, resulting in damages even with minimal impacts. This is conducted through the supply of air at a certain temperature that is adjusted by the operator from the HMI-based touchscreen.

All three testing methodologies are performed in a cyclic manner i.e. repetitively at once, to determine the ability of the specimen to withstand certain atmospheric conditions in the long run.

The accelerated UV exposure is equipped with futuristic characteristics that contribute to the perfect simulation methodologies performed over the specimen to determine accurate results over & over again.

Futuristic Characteristics of the UV Test Chamber

The incorporation of such top-quality & state-of-the-art features allows the operator to simulate atmospheric conditions to precision.

The most advanced feature of the instrument is the safety measures that it undertakes during the course of testing to avoid damage to the machine as well as any other hazards & jeopardies. The UV test chamber is offered with alarm & indicator features like creep-age, low water detection, over-loading detection as well as high-temperature alarm.

The UV environmental test chamber is also offered with two different lighting settings i.e. UVA & UVB lamps that allow the customer to choose the better one as per the properties of the specimen. These lighting conditions are replicated with accuracy due to the incorporation of xenon lights. The instrument is equipped with 8 xenon lights in total for the replication of rays from the sunlight.

The accelerated UV exposure testing is conducted at a large scale due to the ability of the instrument to accommodate 48 samples at once, allowing the operator to expedite the testing mechanism.

The feature that has attracted the maximum number of manufacturers from all across industries is the availability of irradiance control to satisfy the guidelines of different standards. The UV test chamber manufacturer has also enabled the operator to control other standards of the test like temperature & time with the help of an advanced HMI-based touchscreen.

The cyclic testing procedure of the instrument for a long time duration enhances the accuracy standards and elevates the testing levels for not just the operator but also the manufacturer of the product getting tested.

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