Ensure Durability Of Labels To Mark Quality Of Products

Ensure Durability Of Labels To Mark Quality Of Products

 Packaging is very important to distinguish the products from the competition. It also provides protection from chemical, physical and microbiological hazards. Some packaging materials are a source of chemical impurities that affect product safety and quality. Packaging inks play an important role as it may affect the product and consumer safety. Packaging ink is a combination of various chemicals and some of them are quite harmful with the ability to migrate to the food stuff or contents after getting in contact.

The chemical contaminants get transferred from packaging inks to the foodstuff by a process known as migration. The durability of the printing ink can be tested by ink rub test. An ink rub test is performed on all labels and printed materials to ensure durability to stand the test of time. A durable label is viewed as a mark of quality. Ink Abrasion resistance tester is used to check the rubbing resistance of the printed surface of the paper, film, corrugated board etc.

The advantage to conduct this test is it ensures compliance with international standards and supports long lasting value. In Ink rub test, a label or printed material is rubbed against an abrasive. It can undergo the rub test 100 times and then may be inspected for readability of the information. This testing is used in any application where it is important to determine that the ink does not fade away.
Abrasion resistance is an important property in printed materials. The damage due to rubbing or abrasion usually takes place at the time of storage, handling, shipment etc. So, the manufacturer should test the print quality so that the appearance of the product remains intact. Certain environmental factors are also dependent on the level of abrasion such as temperature, humidity heat etc.
Presto Ink Abrasion tester is manufactured to measure the resistance against rubbing. The instrument is proficient in measuring the properties of printed materials against various physical conditions. It ensures constant load distribution and noiseless application all through the test area. The instrument tests the bonding of ink with the printable surface and its ability to tolerate scuffing or smudging at the time of packaging or distribution.
The machine can take rub pressure of 2lbs and 4 lbs. Rub speed is 43 cycle/minute to ±2 cycle/minute. Full metal mild steel body with a test load capacity of 2 nos. Dimensions are 300x470x428mm.


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