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Vibration Table
  • Gaurav Malhotra
  • 20-06-2024

Vibration table is a consistent tool checking road worthiness of packages. It stimulates the vibrations and jolts subjected to various packages and products during handling and transportation. Presto stantest pvt. Ltd . ensures that all instruments are manufactured as per international standards of quality. It is thus the case with the  vibration table as well. This instrument has been specifically designed and manufactured to adhere to the ASTM D999, TAPPI T-17, IS 7028(Part II).


Presto offers Electrotechnical, Pneumatic and Electromagnetice models. As vibration table manufacturers, we give the provision of customisation of the vibration tables. As per standards, however, the maximum load capacity is that of 100kg. The classic digital model consists of feather touch controls, a digital timer to 99.9min or even 99.9 hrs. Sample slippage protection is provided. 


Vertical synchronous, vertical asynchronous, swivel synchronous, swivel asynchronous are several testing models which can be used. The angle in the swivel model can range from 0 degree, 30 degree, 60 degree, to even 90 degree.

As vibration table suppliers for more than 41 years, Presto stantest pvt. Ltd. ensures that standards of quality and precision are met. The application of this instrument is crucial in the automotive industry.

This is because this testing instrument measures the resilience of various components, from engine parts to electronic systems. By subjecting these parts to rigorous vibration tests, manufacturers can ensure they will withstand the stresses of real-world driving conditions.

For electronic devices, vibration testing is essential to guarantee that internal components remain intact and functional despite constant movement and potential shocks. 

Vibration tables play a vital role in the packaging industry. This is because  it simulates the transport conditions that products will endure. This helps in designing, packaging that can protect products from damage during shipping. Thereby, ensuring they reach consumers in perfect condition.

In the construction industry, vibration tables are used to simulate seismic activities. This testing thus evaluates the structural integrity of buildings and materials. This is crucial for ensuring that structures can withstand earthquakes and other natural forces.


Our vibration tables ensure the following benefits:

Products are subjected to simulated real-world conditions which helps manufacturers to evaluate the structural integrity.Further this instrument also helps maintain consistent product quality by identifying potential weaknesses before reaching the market. Lastly, this instrument meets industry standards and regulations for durability and performance testing.Hence, it helps to ensure compliance to several standards such as ASTM D999, TAPPI T-17, IS 7028 (part II).

Vibration tables are thus a cornerstone of modern testing practices. As industries continue to evolve, the role of vibration tables in testing and quality assurance has become more and more critical.

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