Ensure Quality Packaging with Bursting Strength Tester

Ensure Quality Packaging with Bursting Strength Tester

You might have an idea about those thick and brown boxes that have been used in the packaging industry to ship different items. To ensure proper quality of packaging materials, it is very important to take help from a testing instrument like a digital bursting strength tester. This testing instrument will not only help you to determine the bursting strength of packaging material but will also help you to ensure quality packaging.

Most of the business owners and industrialists provide alternative options of materials like plastic films, paper wrappings, and others for packaging. But the use of corrugated boxes has been increased since most business owners sell their products online. Those who do not have any idea about the cardboard boxes' strength determination then we will help you out.

Here in this blog, we will provide you with brief information about bursting strength tester testing instruments and why you should consider this lab testing equipment for your packaging company. But before jumping into the use of a burst strength tester, we will provide you with information about corrugated boxes. So, read this blog till the end to stay updated!

What are corrugated boxes and why you should test their bursting strength?

Corrugated boxes are the type of materials that contains three layers of paper. The first one includes the inside liner layer, the second one is the outside liner and the third layer is the one fluting that runs in between. Most business persons make use of these corrugated boxes in order to keep their products safe and protected.

The edges of the corrugated paper used in boxes will generate an air vacuum which acts as cushioning for the transported goods. Therefore, you must keep a series of testing instruments to test these boxes.

One of the best testing instruments that will help to assure the quality of the corrugated box is the bursting strength testing machine. This machine comes in various models at Presto and is equipped with advanced features.

With the help of this lab testing equipment, you will be able to check the bursting strength of corrugated boxes after applying pressure. The best part is that you will get accurate readings of testing your specimen. Through this testing machine, you will be able to determine the various properties of corrugated boxes like bursting strength, compression strength, pressure resistance, and much more.

This digital model of a burst strength testing machine consists of various features. We have listed some of them below:

  • This machine is easy to operate and provides accurate testing results.
  • Simple to use and comes with a calibration certificate.
  • You will easily be able to determine the correct readings with a bright LED display.
  • Perfect for calculating the properties of the material.
  • Gives you consistent data that indicate accurate readings.
  • You can easily hold up to 9 test readings with the help of this testing instrument.
  • You will be able to calculate the bursting strength of the material without any slippage of the specimen.
  • Strong gripping clamps and grooved structure of this machine.

By considering its features, you can smoothly use this testing instrument to determine the bursting strength of the boxes. Presto Testing Instruments will provide you with a different set of models for this testing equipment. Here we have created a list of different models of bursting strength tester that you can consider buying from Presto.

  • Bursting Strength Tester-Analogue
  • Bursting Strength Tester – Digital
  • Bursting Strength Tester-Digital Pneumatic
  • Bursting Strength Tester Digital Cum Computerized
  • Model With Pneumatic Clamping
  • Bursting Strength Tester-Digital Pneumatic with Printer

These are some amazing models of bursting strength tester that you must consider for measuring the reliable strength and performance of materials. Once you determine the force that will be required to completely rupture the board, then you will get an idea about the strength of a material. In this way, you will be able to improve your product quality.

We hope you found our blog post on burst strength tester interesting. As the leading supplier of these instruments, we want to make sure that your company has access to all the latest innovations in this field and can be confident in choosing a reliable testing instrument for your needs. If you have any questions or would like more information about how we can help with anything from initial research & development through final production, please don't hesitate to give us a call!

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