Ensure the Behaviour of your Packages during Transit

Ensure the Behaviour of your Packages during Transit

Packaging industries are deploying dedicated quality check departments for corrugated cartons. As such boxes are being used for endless applications, it becomes imperative to check their suitability. Different tests are performed to assess their quality and specifications with respect to the consignment that is being packed. By considering the test results, their quality can be worked upon and made to withstand different conditions. In this blog post, we will be talking about the role of drop tester in inspecting the harsh transit effects on corrugated boxes.

Testing standards issued by regulatory authorities advises to employ machines or instruments to perform series of test. It is believed the least human interference would give precise results. 

Drop tester is a testing machine used to check the resistance of the box when made to fall free from a height. It is designed in such a way so that it can test the box for the straight and angular drop. The angular drop test is gaining importance eventually because the carton which successfully passed the straight drop fails when subjected to angular jerk and shocks. This machine is capable of conducting both the tests competently. This machine is complying the testing standard of IS: 7028, Part IV.

This machine has a platform to carry the carton that is to be tested. This platform is movable and can be taken to the predefined height. All other environmental conditions are predefined. The capacity of the platform is to carry a carton of max weight 50kg. Once the platform is loaded, it is taken to a certain height. It is made to fall free from the height using a wired remote control. The platform comprised of two panels that can be opened with the remote control to make the box fall free from the height. This test does not generate any reports. It is an investigation that confirms the operator if the sample sustain the conditions or not.

It’s Importance?
During transportation, the packages tend to fall during loading and unloading or during stacking. It is important to assess the vertical impact hazard when the package is falling freely. A single test can be conducted or a series of free falls can be done to check the impact of repeated shocks. This measure the ability of the carton to withstand the distribution system.

It is a perfect equipment to check the behaviour of cartons in the real working conditions. There is an extended version of this machine which can be used to test the bottles and PET jars

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