Ensure The Best Quality Of Metal Products With Cupping Machines

Cupping Machine

Cupping MachineMetals are widely used for a variety of applications in industries as well as for domestic usage. The metals offer very high strength along with better ductility and malleability hence they prove to be an ideal material for many different applications. The metal products are used for many different applications where they need to bear the very high amount of load and stress. This requires them to be of best quality and strength. The manufacturers of metal products need to test the strength and quality of the products rigorously with proper testing equipment and procedures so that it could be ensured that only the best is delivered to the clients.

One of the major testing applications that are used for testing the strength of the metal products is the cupping test. This test helps in evaluating the ductile property of the test sample. During the cupping test, there is a round indenter that exerts a shearing force on the test sample. This shearing force causes the formation of a cup on the other side of the test sample. This cupping is analyzed for any cracks, and the ductility of the test sample is analyzed. The same test is also used for testing the elasticity of a paint coating applied on a metal substrate.

Presto offers highly efficient and effective cupping machines that are widely used for quality testing in different industries.

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