Presto Stantest provides a wide range of material testing equipment that offers the best methods for production testing, quality control, research and development and laboratory test. These testing instruments are used to evaluate the physical and mechanical properties of a vast number of materials. The apparatuses are perfect for testing finished goods like Adhesives, Biomaterials, Biomedical Microbiology, Components, Ceramics and Glass, Electronics and Electricals, Composites, Foam, Fasteners, springs, Elastomers, wood and so forth. Our professionals at Presto manufacture and offer best quality testing machines, all across the globe.

Material Testing Machines used in laboratories are widely used to gauge tensile strength, compression strength, flexural property, friction, ductility, peel or adhesion strength, shear or insertion strength and many other parameters too. Moreover, the machines are equipped with latest testing software that are widely recommended by NABL approved laboratories for multistage testing and Quality testing with added widespread automation to provide rapid, repeatable and error-free test results.

Testing instruments are specially designed machines that provide an extensive application on areas of material testing. With the wide range which is available in both standardized as well as customized specification; these are well-known for providing increased performance. The technical know-how and support through our engineers and allows us to offer better equipment that delivers improved performance as well as require less maintenance.