Ensure The Color Vibrancy Of Paints With Color Viewing Light Booth

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Paints are used in almost every industry to paint different products and for other purposes as well. They are used to protect the products from external factors like corrosion, moisture and many more. They are used to indicate the purposes such as different paint colors that depict different purposes. Not only for protection purposes, but Paints are also used to enhance the appearance and vibrancy of the products. The appearance has a great impact on the quality of the products, and hence, the manufacturers of paints need to test whether they are offering the best quality of paint to the customers or not.

Factor Affecting the Quality of Painted Substrates

Many features affect the quality of the paints that need to be addressed during the quality assurance process of paints, and one such aspect is the color vibrancy of the paints and varnishes. The color of the paints should appear same as in every lighting conditions, but the colors have the tendency that they appear different in different lighting conditions, but the colors have a tendency to appear different when the light changes. This phenomenon is known as metamerism. In order to solve the problem of metamerism, the manufacturers must test the appearance of paints under different light conditions using color viewing light booth.

Color Viewing Light Booth – Specifications & Features

This light booth is also known as color matching cabinets which are highly efficient to test the appearance of the paints under different light sources. The color matching system is provided with various lighting sources that can be operated individually to assess the color quality of the products. These sources include D65, INCAA, UV black light, TL 84, CWF, and TFL.

With the color viewing light booth, the manufacturers can surely offer high-quality and high-quality paints to the customers.

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