Evaluate Bursting Strength of Linerboard

Evaluate Bursting Strength of Linerboard

Linerboard is an important constituent material of corrugated container. It is a thin cardboard used for the flat facings of the box. As it acts as the building material for the packaging boxes, the strength expected from the final product must be first contained in the linerboard itself. There are various mode to test the value of how much strength does the container will require to deliver to sustain under crucial load or pressure while in transit, handling or in storage. Of which, the primary one is the bursting strength test. This is a quality test which is performed to check the resistance of a material towards elevating pressure which lead to bursting conditions.

To perform the test precisely, you need the right test equipment like, Bursting strength tester. The linerboard material are tested under controlled pressure and with inflating diaphragm technique. The entire machine is a table-top model and is constructed using a mild steel material which is of high grade class.  The exterior is coated using a corrosion resistant paint which ensure the long life performance of the machine without endangering the interiors to corrosive environment. The testing setup includes an operation wheel for manual rotating and tightening the wheel. The tightening wheel ensures strong hold of the placed sample while testing and reduce slippage.
The slipping away of the specimen linerboard during the test can cause error filled results and issues in accuracy. The base plate for sample placement has also been specially designed to keep the friction up. Its grooved circular circles for zero slippage of specimen. In the base plate, the centre part is hollow and introduces the diaphragm. From here the rubber diaphragm inflates and creates pressure on the test sample. The pressure from both ends is recorded till it reaches the peak level that is the Peak burst value where the specimen ruptures on not taking the load.
This value is displayed on the digital based screen. User can also set a Tare value prior initiating the test. The digital display screen is based on a precise microprocessor program. This assures complete accuracy in the results without any manipulation of operators. 


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