Evaluate Edge And Flat Crush Resistance Of Cardboard

Evaluate Edge And Flat Crush Resistance Of Cardboard

Transportation of product all around the world needs stiff packaging. Use of layered paper material and cardboard boxes is common in paper and packaging products. Crushing of edges due to force is common. Since the cardboard boxes are made of inside zigzag flute patterns, they provide a space from the product packed within that box. If in any of the conditions the cardboard edge is flattened due to force. Then, afterwards, any outside force will directly act on the goods packed in that box.

The reaction of the extreme force on cartons shows their quality and resistance against deforming force. Paper and packaging industries need to pre-test their packaging products before being supplied. There are multiple tests checking with peak force applied to these boxes. Crushing test with a test on crushing the edge and face is more obvious. Edge Crush Tester with three varied templates is a reliable instrument for the reaction of compression forces on cardboard, corrugated or paper boxes. Edge Crush Tester is all implanted with stiffly handling clamps and digital output viewer.

PRESTO as best in manufacturing testing instruments produces Edge crush Tester (ECT) in Digital model and Digital cum computerized model. The same testing instruments can be operated as an Edge Crush Tester (ECT), Ring Crush Tester (RCT), and a Flat Crush Tester (FCT). The templates and fixtures need to be changed for every specified tester. Edge crush tester tests sample by placing it vertically on the fixture. In flat crush testing, the specimen is placed in a horizontal position with fixtures between clamps. Specimen (say paper) is fed in a circular motion of a particular thickness in its fixture in case of Ring crush testing. The capacity of the load cell of the tester is 100kgf and tests the accuracy of ±2%. Here, it is manufactured considering the standard IS 7063-2 giving the output report in digital form that can be recorded. Computerized digital format report gives a report in graphical form which can be viewed and saved on desktop. 

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