Evaluate Load & Elongation of Variable Materials with Universal Tensile Tester

Universal Tensile Tester

Manufacturers of different industries use a variety of raw materials on a daily basis for the production of final products. These raw materials can be films, papers, laminates, polymers, fabrics, or specific metals that undergo different testing standards to satisfy manufacturers for considering them in the production of final products.

One such important testing measure to test raw materials before using them in production methods is to evaluate them against load & elongation. It becomes extremely necessary to derive the load & elongation or displacement of the material being utilized in the manufacturing processes to make sure that the final product is durable enough and ensures maximum consumer satisfaction.

Presto Stantest Pvt Ltd. is the leading lab testing instrument manufacturer that aims to assist manufacturers in attaining the quality levels of manufactured equipment & devices. To curb the problem of evaluating load & elongation of raw materials the company has come up with the universal tensile tester.

The tensile machine is a high-end testing instrument that enables the operator to test various raw materials whether films, papers, laminates, rubbers, polymers, fabrics & metals. This makes the instrument a very cost-efficient equipment for manufacturers in determining the durability of raw materials.

The instrument is constructed with an operator-friendly approach, assisting operators to conduct single-handed testing without any hassle and achieve high levels of accuracy and precision.

Working Mechanism of Universal Tensile Machine

The instrument is designed to aid the operator in performing tests without any hassle and determining the durability of raw materials with absolute facile & accuracy.

To commence with the test, it is important to prepare the specimen with the help of a dumbbell cutting press. Once the specimen is prepared it is adjusted into the gripper which has different fixtures for different types of specimen.

There are a total of four fixtures for the testing of different raw materials:

1. Zig-zag

2. Wedge

3. Vice

4. Diamond

These fixtures are equipped with rugged surfaces that ensure zero movement of the specimen during the course of testing.

The operator firmly clamps the specimen between the fixtures and the lower jaw containing the fixture constantly travels away from the upper jaw forcing tensile strength on the specimen.

The constant movement of the jaws results in compression as well as tensile strength on the specimen, allowing the operator to simply assess the load & elongation of the sample.

The working mechanism of the tensile tester is the constant rate of the traverse method. The instrument has a microprocessor-based display that determines the peak break load and the elongation of the specimen.

The universal tensile testing machine is equipped with a lot of high-end features that enable the operator to perform tests single-handedly.

Features of Universal Tensile Tester

The universal tensile tester is equipped with a top-notch data recording system that aids all the operators in critically analyzing the recorded data as it is represented in a graphical format as force Vs time.

The instrument allows the recording of max load that the specimen withstand along with 10 sample reports all of which can be analysed at once for future access and easy comparison.

The instrument offers variable fixtures for the assessment of different raw materials as specimens. These fixtures can be vice, wedge, diamond, or zig-zag patterned which will ensure higher accuracy by providing zero movement of the specimen during the process of testing.

The instrument also offers an additional feature of a dumbbell cutting press that prepares the specimen as per the requirement of the fixture placement by cutting it into a dumbbell shape.

The universal tensile testing machine carries a robust construction with mild steel material that is coated with 7-layered powder paint to safeguard the instrument from any sort of rusting or corrosion.

The tensile machine price at which it is offered makes the instrument an extremely accessible product, acting as a one-stop solution for determining the tensile strength for variable materials.

The tensile tester also offers an automatic home setting that enables the shutdown of the instrument once the maximum load is recorded, safeguarding the operator from a lot of jeopardies.

There are certain specifications that one should take into consideration before you buy tensile machine.

Specifications of Universal Tensile Machine

·       The gripper-to-gripper separation of the instrument can range from 250mm to 700mm.  

·       The instrument can exert a force of up to 250 KgF on the specimen.

·       The speed of the rate of traverse of the grippers or the jaws can vary from 50mm to 500mm per minute.

·       The power supply required for the functioning of the lab testing amounts to 220V-240V AC with a constant frequency of50 Hz

·       The tensile machine is equipped with a working mechanism of the CRT (constant rate of traverse) method that ensures a higher level of accuracy.

·       There is an optional feature of a dumbbell cutting press for the preparation of samples.

·       There is an option for a customized set of fixtures that enables the operator to choose from a wide range as per the material being tested.

·       The instrument runs on software called Zeus Ultimo as it allows the operator to keep track of records in a graphical representation.

·       The instrument turns off on itself once the testing is completed, allowing the operator to conduct testing with facile.

·      Presto Stantest Pvt Ltd offers an in-built calibration facility for assurance among the lab testing instruments.

Buy Tensile Machine from Presto Stantest Pvt Ltd.

Presto Stantest Pvt Ltd is the leading lab testing manufacturing company that provides highly advanced lab testing instruments to aid manufacturers from different industries in acquiring the finest quality in their end products and thus assure maximum consumer satisfaction, resulting in brand building. Get your hands on the universal tensile machine by visiting our website. Please reach out to us without wasting any time via phone call at +91 9210903903 or e-mail us at info@prestogroup.com. Do not wait any further and get a quotation of tensile machine price right now.


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