Evaluate Pressure Sustainability of Packets & Pouches with Vacuum Leak Tester

Vacuum Leak Tester

Packets & pouches are the prime choices of manufacturers from the flexible material packaging industry and from other industries that promote perishable items. These packets & pouches are chosen over others due to their long-lasting properties, affordability, and easy maneuverability. Packets & pouches are widely used in different industries for the packaging of sensitive materials. These packaging types have gained the trust of manufacturers because of their simplistic technique, long-lasting strength as well as affordability. 

In most cases, the packaged product or item has a tendency to get contaminated in a short while after it is in contact with the atmosphere. These pouches & packets might tear apart or compromise their closures or seal ends, allowing the external environment to enter the insides and contaminate the packaged item. Therefore, the manufacturer of the product has to be very careful while installing the packaging over the product.

To make sure that these packages do not get compromised in the case of high atmospheric pressure, the manufacturer must test these packaging materials’ sustainability against such conditions.

The Presto Group offers one such lab testing instrument to aid manufacturers in evaluating the ability of a packing or a pouch to withstand such atmospheric conditions through both wet & dry mediums. The lab testing instrument is called the vacuum leak tester.

The instrument is designed to identify the leakages in the specimen by forcing a vacuum on the walls of the specimen due to the atmospheric pressure conditions on the outside. For example, you must have observed that a packet of chips is usually much more swollen in the mountain region rather than in the metropolitan cities, this is because the mountains have higher air pressure which forms a vacuum on the inside.

Let us take a look at how the Vacuum leak tester functions to perform both dry & wet testing and enable the operator to reach accurate results consistently.

Functioning Process of Vacuum Leak Tester

The lab testing instrument is designed with extreme precision & highly curated engineering standards to attain highly accurate testing over & over again and help the operator perform these tests single-handedly.

To commence with the wet testing method, it is highly necessary to fill the acrylic chamber up to the water level mark. Once the water is filled inside the inner chamber, the specimen is placed.

The vacuum leak tester for packaging has a control panel from which it is operated and the hydraulic pressure inside the chamber increases through an inlet port, causing the formation of a vacuum inside the specimen, exerting pressure on the walls of the specimen from inside.

In case the specimen falls prey to leakage, the bubbling effect can easily be seen by the operator through the transparent acrylic walls. The HMI-based touchscreen indicates the results of the conducted test. These results determine the pressure at which the specimen experiences leakage.

Similarly, in the case of the dry testing method, the acrylic chamber is not filled with water, and rather hydraulic pressure air pressure is exerted onto the specimen. Just like wet testing methodology, the air pressure on the outside of the specimen forms a vacuum on the inside that inflates the specimen due to the pressure on the walls.

In the case of a leakage, the specimen suddenly deflates and the operator can simply mark whether the specimen passes the test or not.

The Vacuum leak tester for packaging is equipped with a lot of high-quality attributes that contribute towards the simplistic working mechanism along with top-notch testing accuracy.

High-Quality Attributes of the Vacuum Leak Tester

Conducting the vacuum test over packings & pouches becomes so much easier with certain attributes, helping the operator to perform tests precisely with absolute facile and no hassle at all.

The top-notch feature among all that makes the vacuum leak test apparatus the prime choice for manufacturers from the packaging industry is the ability of the instrument to perform both dry & wet testing methodologies through different mediums.

The vacuum leakage tester is incorporated with the most advanced HMI-based touchscreen that enables the operator to profile specimens before conducting the test. Along with profiling, the operator can also choose the pass/ fail criteria that enhance the record tracking of the obtained results previously. The touchscreen also allows the analysis of the previously recorded results versus the currently obtained ones.

The instrument is offered with a top load mechanism for filling the water from the door situated on the top of the instrument. This feature promotes single-handed testing and enables the operator to function with ease.

The build of the instrument is itself a high-quality attribute as it ensures absolutely no leakage by ensuring 100% insulation inside the acrylic chamber. The use of acrylic material to provide a transparent look to the instrument enhances the accuracy as the operator can simply keep a check on the specimen at all times during the test.

The instrument is equipped with a changeable timer unit that can be adjusted into hrs: mins: secs, allowing the operator to perform long-duration tests as well.

Due to the incorporation of the HMI-based touchscreen within the vacuum leakage tester, the operator can extract the data into printed files in a format of both Excel & PDF. This has taken the testing standards a notch higher.

Mentioning testing standards, manufacturers tend to go for instruments that are made in compliance with certain standards. The Presto vacuum leak tester is one such product that complies with a total of 5 standards which are:

1.    ASTM D 4991-07 (2015)

2.    ASTM F 2338-09 (2013)

3.    ASTM D 6653

4.    ASTM D 3078

5.    ASTM D 5094

The incorporation of all these features enhances the testing modules and promotes single-handed testing to help manufacturers provide high-quality products all across the globe.

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