Examine the Edge Crush Strength of Paperboard

Examine the Edge Crush Strength of Paperboard

Corrugated paperboards are the result of fine engineering and special strong material. These boards are manufactured under stressful conditions like pressing, stretching and moreover they are further used for making cardboard boxes. The carton boxes are demanded to be strong to carry and hold all type of objects. The quality control includes various category of test method within which the crush test is the basic requirement. It is conducted using Edge Crush Tester.

The tester is a highly advanced machine which is used to measure the crush strength of paperboard material and see how much crushing load they can bear and sustain in real life action. The boxes made up of corrugated paperboard material are strength full to protect the inside content from all directional load and jerks. This is why the paperboard has to be tested for its crushing strength. The test equipment complies with IS 7063 test standard which defines the test method used for testing paperboard crushing strength. The tester allows the user to test three most often demanded test mode which includes – Edge crush test, ring crush test and Flat crush test.
The edge crush test requires the specimen to be held straight edgewise, in the ring crus test, a very thing section of the specimen like a film and wrap it and stick their both ends. This forms a ring. This ring structure is test then. In the flat crush test, the specimen is the round cut out of the paperboard which is kept flat on the test area. The gripping clamps are specially designed to provide strong clamping for all the three style of testing. There are different fixtures available for the test. This ensure no slippage during the test occurs which maintains the accuracy in the test.

An NABL certified load is equipped on the machine which assure that uniform distribution of load is applied. The importance of equal load application is huge and maintains the precision in test results. Lack of this option, will add the errors in the testing results. The test values are displayed on the digital based screen which is designed based upon a highly integrated microprocessor software. 


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