Experience Hi-Tech Seal Integrity Test on Bottle Caps

Experience Hi-Tech Seal Integrity Test on Bottle Caps

Closure manufacturers have been using the same quality control method for a long time. Same old sealing chamber, digital controls, operator’s full attention and still remain with a question over the quality of the product. NEXT is what? Have you ever thought about this? Evolution in closure/ bottle cap testing technology has changed the way the market used to think. They have not only raised the quality bars but also increased customer expectations. Thus, sitting back with the old box will not help you. Choose the new technology with easy to understand controls with Presto Stantest.

We present, The Next Generation Model of Secure Seal Tester. A highly advanced testing equipment with touchscreen and software-based controls. It is used in PET & Preform industry to inspect the quality of Bottle caps. It evaluates the seal integrity of container closure and detects the even minute level of leaks. Suitable for quality assurance of closures like aluminium roll on, twist crowns, plastic caps etc.
The specimen closure can be easily clamped Brass closure holder and inserted inside the test chamber. The chamber is composed of high tensile Plexiglass to encounter maximum stress. Fill water in the chamber till a level, where the closure is dipped completely and seal the chamber by closing the lid. Now start the test using the touchscreen control. Set parameters and initiate the test. During the process, if you observe bubble formation in the water, the specimen fails the test and if no bubble formation is seen, it is considered as a passed sample.
The Secure Seal Tester has a very simple functioning process and offers a variety of functions to conduct distinct test modes. The entire test operation is controlled via HMI based touchscreen display. The screen control complies with comply with IP65/NEMA4 standards and is CE & UL approved. Microprocessor based test process to assure high accuracy in setting test parameters and accomplishment of the same. Uses automated and hassle-free pressure release mechanism to test the specimen. The user can set pressure, Inlet pressure and pre-set timer from the touchscreen control and can conduct repeatable testing to ensure accuracy. During the test process, one can see a live pressure vs. Time graph on the screen. Offers numerous program profile to design your test process as per requirements. Assure easy test data management. Test reports can be downloaded from USB portal. The test results can be seen ‘Live’ on screen. Highly precise inbuilt calibration facility available.

To know more information about its features, price, and technical specifications, give us a call at +91 9210903903 or email us at info@prestogroup.com.

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