Secure Seal Tester NXG

The Next Generation Model of the Secure Seal Tester is a reliable tool designed for measuring the seal integrity of glass and plastic containers. Specifically tailored to meet the unique requirements of sealed carbonated beverage containers utilizing aluminum roll-on, twist crowns, or plastic caps, this instrument provides consistent and effective seal testing capabilities.


Benefits of Secure Seal Tester

Secure Seal Tester - Next Generation Model is a consistent tool useful to measure the seal integrity of glass/plastic containers. This instrument has been designed to address the special needs of sealed carbonated beverage containers that use aluminum roll-on, twist crowns or plastic caps.

PET bottles are extensively used for packaging of liquids such as soft drinks, juices, carbonated drinks and so forth. Additionally, they are also used for packaging and storage of chemicals. For this reason, it is important to test the integrity of each and every part of the bottle so that there are no chances of damage or spillage of the products that are packaged in the bottles. A major factor that needs to be tested is the intactness of the bottle caps. The Secure seal tester touch screen model is an ideal testing instrument that allows easy operation and analysis of the test results.

The Presto’s secure seal tester touch screen model is a widely used testing instrument that is used for testing the capacity or strength of the caps or twist crowns. The touch screen model of secure seal tester is very easy to use and there are digital touch screen interface provided with the instruments which allows stable and simple operation of the equipment.

In the PET bottle industry, it is important to test the seal integrity of PET bottles to ensure quality products will be delivered to the customers. Presto secure seal tester NXG model is an HMI-based touchscreen model that comes with microprocessor controls to test the seal integrity of materials. It has been embedded with highly advanced features like automatic sample testing through an easy pressure release mechanism.

This high-quality lab testing instrument will let the users operate the data with ease. The users can create reports of product identification, test pressure, time, etc. USB option will also be available in this testing equipment for storing the data efficiently. Ensuring the secure seal of PET bottles is essential to verify proper sealing and prevent potential leaks. A leaked bottle can lead to spills, posing dangers or hazards. However, employing a bottle secure seal tester facilitates straightforward testing of seal integrity, ensuring the reliability of these containers. Presto is a leading secure seal testing manufacturer and provides the best secure seal tester price to clients. It comes with an in-built calibration facility that will help to test the seal integrity of bottles with ease.

Besides this, it comes with advanced features like changeable pressure units, current test running status display, automatic sample testing, and many more that make it easy for bottle manufacturers to test their products efficiently.

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