Extract Bursting Value of Various Paper Material

Extract Bursting Value of Various Paper Material

Paper Material has various applications in the market starting form Writing paper, sketching papers, to tissue papers and packaging papers. These wide applications of Paper material requires precision based quality control for selection of the right material for a specified application. For instance a paper material needed for making a tissue paper will be seemed for different set of quality and material for packaging paper will require distinct properties to be delivered. Similarly, Bursting Strength of paper, which is primary factor of quality in paper material will be different for distinct applications. Tissue paper material must not be that much resistant to bursting loads as compared to packaging materials.

To extract the Bursting Value of Paper material for distinct applications, operators will require a high quality, Bursting Strength Tester like one delivered By Presto Group. The equipment contains advanced level features and digital based controls. The compression load is applied with manual rotational wheel with smooth movements and handling ease. The operating wheel is fitted with a compression plate at the base which apply vertical load on the sample and press it completely. After which from the base a high stretchable quality of rubber material used as a diaphragm is inflated on the specimen base using pneumatic pressure controls.
The digital display screen records the pressure or bursting force applied on the sample and the point at which it ruptures is taken as its bursting strength. User can also calculate the bursting index and bursting factor through the value obtained. The load indicator section is designed using highly integrated microprocessor program for delivering accurate quantification. It is very important that the load applied and the load indicated is precisely same. This part is ensured by the advanced microprocessor based Digital display.

The specimen clamping section is also innovated to provide the required hold at the time of testing. Material like paper or packaging film may get slipped during the load application and if it slips away the diaphragm area, it may disturb the test reading and its accuracy. Hence, to avoid such situations, the test base area, is designed to have grooved structures for creating a particular frictional base, so that when the material is placed over it must not slip away. The small detailing the product deliver along with highly advanced features are something which delivers precision based test results, which is required for higher Quality control.


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