Features of Presto's Bottle Burst Tester for Ensuring Best Strength of PET Bottles

Features of Presto's Bottle Burst Tester for Ensuring Best Strength of PET Bottles

The bottle burst value of the Pet bottle is one of the most important values that helps in ensuring that the bottles are best for packaging of various products. The bottle burst testers are used in industries for the purpose of ensuring that the PET bottles meet the requirements of bearing the minimum pressure exerted on them during filling of the products.

Presto’s Bottle burst tester is one of the most efficient testing instruments that are used for testing the amount of pressure that the bottles can bear when products are filled with them. The instrument has some very advanced features that make it ideal for use in the PET industries.

Some of the prominent features of bottle burst testers offered by Presto are as follows:

  1. The bottle burst tester offered by Presto is used for testing the expansion volume, Burst strength and the thickness of walls of the PET bottles.
  2. The instrument is provided with an advanced touch screen user interface that allows the user to easily operate the machine.
  3. The pneumatic controls are provided with the system that helps in effective commencing the of the test procedure.
  4. The auto hold and release facility is also provided with the instrument for pressure.
  5. There are also safety features such as steel casing for the bottles etc. for the protection of the users.
  6. The maximum range of pressure that can be used for testing through the instrument is 18 kg/cm2.

With the help of the bottle burst tester offered by Presto, The industries can ensure that the PET bottles they are using for packaging of the products are of best strength and quality and can provide the best safety to the products.

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