Ensure The Strength Of Folding Cartons With Best Quality Of Packaging Testing

Ensure The Strength Of Folding Cartons With Best Quality Of Packaging Testing

For manufacturers of packaging products like folding cartons, corrugated boxes, fiberboard boxes, and many more, it is quite essential to test the strength and quality of the raw material before commencing the production process to deliver high-quality of packaging products to the customers. The folding boxes and other related materials are subjected to extreme load and sufficient amount of pressure when they are stacked at the time of transportation and storage. This compression load crushes the boxes and cause severe damage to the goods that are packed in these boxes.

In order to offer the best protection to the products, it is mandatory for the manufacturer of folding boxes to offer the best level of safety to the packaging products by ensuring the quality and strength of the folding boxes. The quality and other related properties of these boxes can be determined by following proper Folding Carton Packaging Testing techniques. There are various testing techniques that are used to test the quality of the folding cartons like box compression tester, edge crush tester, Cobb sizing tester, drop tester and so forth. One of the best testing instruments which are used to measure the strength of folding cartons is Edge Crush Tester. The device is used to measure the strength of the edges and walls of the boxes by exerting forces on the edges of the boxes.

Presto Stantest offers the best quality of Folding Carton Packaging Testing instruments that are designed to offer repeated and precise test results. All the instrument that are designed by Presto strictly adheres to all national and international standard test methods.

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