What Is the Formula to Calculate Bursting Factor and Index?

What Is the Formula to Calculate Bursting Factor and Index
Bursting factor (BF) and Bursting index (BI) are important quality parameters used in packaging industry. There are a lot of subsequent decisions that depend on these two parameters. To Calculate the Carton BF and BI, you first need to measure the burst strength of the packaging material. Once you get the burst value, using the below-mentioned calculation, BF and BI can be derived. To evaluate the effect of burst forces on a material, Bursting Strength Tester is used. Once you get the burst value, using the below-mentioned calculation, BF and BI can be derived. 
Burst factor = Burst strength (gf/cm2) / Grammage (gf/m2)
Burst Index = Burst strength (kPa) / Grammage (gf/m2) 
kPa = kilopascal,
Kgf = kilogram force
Gf = Gram Force
Grammage = Base weight in units of gf/m2
Burst Strength of materials tells about the property of the material to bear the stress when an external pressure is applied to it. Following are steps involved in measuring the strength:
  • Prepare a circular sample of dimensions larger than the annular clamp. The dimensions of the sample are very important so that it does not slip during the testing.
  • Clamp the sample appropriate on the annular clamp
  • Using the ‘push to burst’ switch to apply the hydraulic pressure on the sample.
  • The pressure is applied via a rubber diaphragm which inflates when hydraulic pressure is increased. 
  • The point at which sample burst, the Bursting Strength tester notes down the pressure applied. 
Key features: 
Single push button operation to get rid of multiple key functions, saving your time
Microprocessor based screen for live test record display
Memory space for holding up to 9 test reading
Highly accurate test results under multidirectional force
Strong hold of specimen assured with tough gripping clamps
Grooved structure of test specimen holder to avoid slippage and intact holding of specimen
No slippage ensured in case specimen is tightened uniformly using operating wheel

Presto Bursting Strength Tester is Universally acclaimed with Test Standards of ASTM D 3786-01, ASTM D 3786 – 80A, ISO 1060 PART-1 1987. Bursting Factor helps to determine the durability of an item after experiencing extreme external or internal pressure. This way the manufacturers can assure that the material tested can go for a long time period without any failure. Bursting Index whereas is a part of technical research test data.

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Author : -Gaurav Malhotra

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