Get Benefits from the Presto Vibration Table Designed for Vibration Simulation Testing

Get Benefits from the Presto Vibration Table Designed for Vibration Simulation Testing
  • Gaurav Malhotra

Maintaining the integrity of packaging is vital for the secure delivery of products. Thus, it is important for you to potentially test the contents against vibrations to ensure its packaging functionality. Presto vibration table is one of the broadly used laboratory testing equipment that is used to test the integrity of packages and ensure that accurate quality products will be delivered to the customers. 

It is important for the manufacturers to conduct vibration simulation testing on the materials and ensure that you can overcome the rigors of shipping by testing your boxes against vibration. 

This specialized testing tool replicates the vibrations and jolts experienced by various packages and products during handling and transportation. Utilizing the Presto vibration table for testing guarantees that your packaging will withstand these conditions, assuring you that your products will reach their destination in optimal condition. Here, we will outline how the Presto vibration table becomes a valuable asset in testing the vibrational strength of packaging materials effortlessly. So, let us get started!

Why Vibration Simulation Testing should be Conducted in the Packaging Industry?

Whenever you ship any material to the customers, then you must be confident about the packaging quality. Regrettably, even the most robust packaging can succumb to unforeseen vibrations during transit. Conducting a package vibration test becomes crucial in assessing your package's resilience against the diverse vibrations encountered during handling, transportation, and shipping.

Facilitating this testing process is made simple with an accurate laboratory testing instrument. Presto offers a high-quality solution in the form of a vibration table, designed to effectively evaluate packaging against the rigors of shipping and transportation.

This advanced testing machine allows you to replicate the conditions your package will face during shipping, ensuring it can endure the journey intact. By subjecting your packaging material to vibration tests, you can instil confidence that your product will reach its destination securely and without damage.

Overcome the Rigours of Shipping Against Packaging with Presto Vibration Table

In the realm of packaging, understanding the impact of vibrations on your boxes is paramount. Vibrations during shipping can potentially harm the contents of your boxes, underscoring the importance of selecting appropriate packaging for your specific products.

Incorporating vibration testing into your quality control measures is a crucial step. Packaging materials engineered to resist vibrations not only safeguard the boxes but also enhance the overall performance during shipping and transportation. The journey of your packaging boxes involves exposure to various vibrations that pose a threat to the contents within. Anticipating and mitigating this risk is achievable through pre-shipment testing.

Presto offers a high-quality vibration table designed to identify potential areas of damage in your product. This testing instrument serves as a valuable tool in assessing the durability of your packaging, playing a significant role in the paper and packaging industry.

Easy Steps to Install Vibration Table in Your Package Testing Laboratory

After packaging and transporting packages to their destinations, it becomes crucial to subject them to thorough testing. The likelihood of packages experiencing thrust and shock during transportation necessitates a meticulous examination of their roadworthiness. Ensuring the accurate delivery of products to customers requires efficient testing of packages, and a vibration table proves to be a valuable tool in this regard.

Presto stands out as the foremost manufacturer of vibration tables, offering high-quality lab testing instruments at the most competitive and affordable prices. By leveraging these testing solutions, you can verify the resilience of your packages, contributing to the reliable and secure delivery of products to your customers.

Below we have listed the steps to install a vibration table more efficiently:

  • Remove the wooden packing from the machine.

  • Position it on a robust, reinforced concrete factory floor with a minimum thickness of 6 inches, suitable for securely connecting most vibration package testing machines.

  • Ensure a clear space of 2 feet from the wall, and make sure there is a nearby single-phase socket available.

  • Maintain a sufficient distance between the machine and the control panel during placement.

  • Perform grouting of the machine using hex bolts, as the machine vibrates during the test procedure.

These are some crucial steps you should follow to install the vibration table more efficiently and easily. If you need more information about vibration table price then you can simply contact us. 

Vibration Table Technical Specifications that You must Know

The vibration testing machine boasts a maximum load capacity of 100 kg and features a digital LED display for easy monitoring. With a table size of 800 * 800 mm, an amplitude ranging from 2Hz to 6Hz, and power specifications of 220V, Single Phase, 50 Hz, it offers versatility in testing models. 

The available testing models include Vertical synchronous, Vertical asynchronous, Swivel synchronous, and Swivel asynchronous. In the Swivel Model, angles of 0º, 30º, 60º, and 90º can be achieved. 

The timer functionality extends up to 99.9 minutes or 99.9 hours, providing flexibility in testing durations. For the Swivel Testing Model, angle adjustments are facilitated through changeable sprockets provided in the machine, allowing for comprehensive and precise vibration testing.

With these high-end technical specifications of this quality testing equipment, manufacturers can easily and effectively evaluate the tolerances of packages and ensure that accurate quality material will be delivered to the customers. 

Designed to cater to the requirements of modern laboratories, the Presto vibration table stands out as versatile and user-friendly testing instruments. Crafted in adherence to industry standards, this equipment comes equipped with a range of features, making it an ideal and comprehensive choice for various applications. If you need to buy a vibration table or need more information about vibration table design, vibration table price or its features then you can contact us at +919210903903 or email us at Our team of technical experts will consult you regarding all your needs and queries.


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