Get High-tech Vacuum Leak Tester for PET Bottles

Get High-tech Vacuum Leak Tester for PET Bottles

PET bottle or containers are the most used products by packaging industry who deals in beverages, liquid form pharmaceuticals, chemicals, detergents etc. being in high-demand they contribute to increasing completion and to lead the line PET bottle manufacturers must focus upon the quality of their product. The very common issue which is found is the leakage of containers. During the production or filling line, there are many stages where the body of the bottle can get damage and generate very small sized leaks which are not visible to naked eyes. These can lead to product damage and low quality. Therefore, testing PET bottles using a high-quality leak tester is an important aspect of this industry.

Vacuum leak tester for PET Bottles designed by Presto Stantest is a highly advanced and precise testing apparatus. Renowned for testing leak integrity of PET bottles and is a number one choice among PET container manufacturers. It precisely measures the resistance of a container towards generating leakage under rising external pressure. Suitable for all shape, size and forms of PET bottles. It is used in the quality control of various industries which have PET bottles as a medium of carrying products such as chemicals, edible liquid, fruit juice, pharma products etc. The machine designed and constructed by our team of skilled engineers are as per the international test standards so that the test results are accepted worldwide. The Vacuum leak tester complies with ASTM D 4991-07(2015), ASTM F 2338-09(2013), ASTM D6653, ASTM D3078 and ASTM D5094 test standards.
The apparatus includes a cylindrically shaped desiccator specifically designed for PET bottle placement. Highly accurate pressure gauge which can note minute vacuum deflection. A pressure tube to generate the vacuum decay condition inside the desiccator. Microprocessor- based Digital control which can convert test data into numerical values to understand the test process better. Single push button operation helps in reducing complications and easy to use for all type of operators.
To initiate the test process in the PET bottle vacuum leak tester, the specimen bottle to be tested is placed inside the chamber in an inverted position and fixed firmly. The chamber is then closed and the vacuum generation is started. The test method applied depends on the standard and requirements of the company or as per the consumer demands. The entire test process will only take a few minutes and the results are with you.
Vacuum is adjustable from 0 to 900 MB. The desiccator is made by a polished transparent PMMA material to ensure long-run activity. A vacuum generator is a part of the equipment. The box dimensions are customized and can be made as per your demand.


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