Get Maximum Leak Resistance in PET Bottles

Get Maximum Leak Resistance in PET Bottles
Bottles made up of PET material are manufactured in distinct shapes and sizes as per their application or use in distinct industries. The production process for such PET bottle is called blow moulding process. In this, the preforms of PET bottles are kept in the skeleton structure of bottle and is blown using high temperature. There are many variations in this process also so on the basis of the use of final bottle the process is selected. Even after using a zero-defected preform there are many chances that the final product may inhibit many defects in them. These defects can be strain distribution or incorrect wall thickness or minute sized pores which allow a leak of the content. The leaks producing pores cannot be detected with naked eyes and many instruments also sometimes fails to detect the defect. Why is it so? As they don’t understand the testing requirements well. In this blog post, we will learn more about the role of Vacuum leak tester in Quality control of PET bottles.
The majority of PET bottle or containers are manufactured using fast speeding blow moulding machines, due to the excessive speed there are chances that minute leaks are developed in the bottle. And to detect these leaks one must go by rules and standards.
Vacuum leak tester by Presto is designed as per industry standards and is of high-quality. It exhibits advanced testing features and a proper control over the test. It is renowned to detect the minute leaks in many PET bottles of different size and shape. The machine is fit to perform many testing standards as per your need.
 It is very important to detect the leaks and categorize your final product or in case these PET bottles or containers are used to carry poisonous chemical and due to the leaks, it can cause a dangerous situation for the surrounding persons. Hence testing leak faults is an important step in pet bottle production

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