Get Tearing Strength of Tear Slit Pouch with High Precision

Get Tearing Strength of Tear Slit Pouch with High Precision

Tear slit pouch plays a major role in packaging advancement. The Tear technology offers straight and hassle-free tearing in flexible pouches. It delivers distinct tear notch positions for smooth functionality in package opening. The linear tear technology provides a clean and easy opening without any partial or off-centre tear or tearing put the content inside. Due to the growing demand and benefits of these pouches in the market, manufacturers are keen to introduce new and more advance innovation, so that they can grab more customers. However, focusing on the quality is also an important aspect of production, and in the case of tear slit pouches, evaluating the tearing strength hold a lot of importance. Presto brings an easy but a smarter technology for quality inspection of packaging films with pre-slit.

Tearing Strength Tester is a simple yet highly accurate design for inspecting the tearing strength of Paper or films. It smartly evaluates the exact tensile force required to tear a pre-slit sample of a packaging film under specified test conditions. The design complies with ASTM D1424-09(2013), ASTM D624-00(2012), ASTM D1776, and ASTM D689 Test standards.
Although, a simple apparatus but is designed as the global test standards, to deliver a result trusted worldwide. The main body is plated with corrosion resistant paint for a long-run performance. Strong and rugged structure to ensure zero wobbling during the test process. Portable in nature can be easily shifted to other locations. The equipment uses a pendulum release mechanism with a wide variety of measuring range. Offers, 1600, 3200 & 6400 gm loading scales and calibration check weights. Allows the user to have a single handed hassle-free operation. Strong gripping fixture to ensure zero-slippage of the test sample. Single-edged blades used for precise tearing.
To initiate the test, the specimen is claimed on the fixtures tightly. The pendulum type loading scale is set at a specified range as per the requirements. The weights are then allowed to fall on the blade which in return tear the sample in two halves. The amount of force the blade used for tearing the sample is noted as its tearing strength.
Using the test data, the manufacturer can make changes to improve their product quality.


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