Get the Drop Durability of Packages with Automated Drop Test

Get the Drop Durability of Packages with Automated Drop Test

When you are striving to produce flawless, high-quality product which surpasses customer expectations and specifications, you must not blindly trust your outsourced supplier. However, when a customer receives your products in damaged shipping cartons and the contents are broken beyond repair; your market reputation gets damaged too!

It is not always the case, that your supplier will be as responsible as you are towards the goods and will assure a protective packaging. Instead, many of them do not take themselves accountable for any damage, once the shipment leaves their facility. Therefore, it is a vital step to conduct drop durability test using a proficient Testing Equipment.
Drop Tester with Motorised & Pneumatic control is designed by Presto to conduct a dropping impact endurance test on products like carton box, bottles, electrical equipment packages etc.  It is the perfect setup to evaluate the ability of packaging containers to withstand the dropping impact faced during transit and shipping. It complies with IS: 7028 part 4 testing standards.
It is a single winged structure having a drop height of minimum – 380 mm and maximum – 1800mm. It can take a load of up to 50 Kg. The motors and pneumatic control using hydraulic pressure assures accurate performance with zero human interference. Both Straight and Angular Drop tests can be conducted on it. Equipped with a strong base plate with twin flaps and a rugged structure to ensure zero slippage of specimen. Using the guide motorised mechanism, one can adjust the drop height by moving the test platform up and down. An electrical hoist is installed for fixing the drop assembly position and lifting the specimen. The opening actuation is controlled with pneumatic pressure which is operated through remote control.
The package to be tested is placed on the platform of Drop Tester. The drop height is adjusted as per the test requirements. The sample can be set for an angular drop if required, utilizing the hoist. Once the specimen is set for the drop, the twin flaps are opened using the remote control and the package dropped. Visual inspection to be done post drop. Test cycles can be repeated to observe its durability.

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