Get the Edgewise Compressive Strength with High-Accuracy

Get the Edgewise Compressive Strength with High-Accuracy
The Edge crush test or ECT test is a renowned test in the corrugated industry. Companies which deal in corrugated boxes or fibreboard sheets. The sheets from which the manufacturers make carton boxes or corrugated boxes are called as fibreboards these sheets are made up of plants parts. So you try to understand here that how engineers make such a sensitive thing the best strength providing material. These sheets when a manufacturer goes under rough and tough techniques which may destroy their quality. Therefore it is a better idea if you test the sheet prior to its use in producing packing boxes. The edge crush test is a very simple test. Edge Crush Tester is used to conduct the test.
In this test, the sample is placed and crushed to the value of its peak force. The test is conducted in 3 ways i.e. RCT, FCT and ECT. This is actually the difference in sample shape and size in which it is cut for testing, for instance, if it is cut in shape of a ring, then it is the ring crush test or if the specimen is kept edgewise for the test then it is edge crush test. So this happens because of the distinct customer demands. Like some of the customers will say that need the carton sheets to be tested in RCT for and some will say in FCT form as they require it that. Now if you don’t have an instrument which offers 3 ways of testing them what you will purchase three machines.
Presto’s RCT/FCT/Edge Crush Tester Digital is capable of conducting many tests which follow distinct testing standards. The machine has a remarkable control over the test, hence no need of assuming that there will any error in the test results. You can confidently present the test data to customers that your material is this much capable. And it follows your guidelines. The machine we designed is standardized to international criteria.


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