Give Your Rubber Products the Optimum Quality With Ash Content Analysis

Give Your Rubber Products the Optimum Quality With Ash Content Analysis


In rubber industries, determining the ash content in a sample of materials is a very important thing for quality assurance. With the determination of ash content present in the rubber, it becomes easier for the manufacturers of rubber products to determine the applicability of a particular material in a product. The ash content is determined by burning a sample of the material completely to ashes under high temperatures. A muffle furnace is an instrument that is used for efficient combustion of the specimen under controlled testing conditions so that accurate analysis of the ash content is done.

In the muffle furnace, the sample is placed in a crucible in the chamber, and the desired temperature is set. The sample is kept inside the chamber for a specific amount of time. After the sample completely turns in to ashes, it is taken out, and the ashes of the sample are analyzed for its different chemical and physical properties.


Technical features of Presto’s Muffle furnace

  1. The instrument can reach from ambient to 9000
  2. The door insulation is done with high-quality HFK bricks.
  3. The instrument utilizes 2.5 kW of power and runs on an electrical supply of 230V, 50 Hz Ac.

Highlights of Presto’s Muffle Furnace Specification

Muffle Furnace Specifications are:

  1. The instrument is duly calibrated and is supplied with a calibration certificate that is easily traceable to any of the NABL laboratories.
  2. The temperature is controlled with the help of highly advanced PID temperature controller.
  3. The test timing is set easily with the help of digital preset timer.
  4. The instrument is designed to provide highly accurate and reliable testing results.

With the help of muffle furnace, the rubber manufacturers can easily study the chemical and physical attributes of their materials and hence can ensure the best quality of products delivered to their clients.

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