High-Quality Color Matching Cabinet for Precise Testing Results

High-Quality Color Matching Cabinet for Precise Testing Results
  • Gaurav Malhotra

Are you tired of inconsistent colour results in your product quality testing process? Do you want to ensure accuracy in product colours? If yes, then it is important for you to test the quality of colours accurately. Thus, we at Presto being Asia’s Top Lab Testing Instruments manufacturers has designed high-quality testing equipment known as Color Matching Cabinet- Spectrum Asia.

This is one of the high-quality colour-matching testing instruments that can help manufacturers in testing the accuracy of colours present in the product and ensure that quality materials will be delivered to the customers. You can easily achieve perfect colour accuracy in your product with the help of this quality testing equipment.
In this blog, we will discuss how the Presto colour matching cabinet is useful in testing the quality of colours accurately and how you can avoid inconsistency in product colour with the help of this quality testing equipment.

Introduction to Presto colour matching cabinet

Colour matching is considered to be an essential aspect of quality control that needed to be taken care of before delivering products to customers. Thus, if you want to ensure accurate product quality then you can easily test the colours of the product accurately with the help of colour matching cabinet.
Presto colour matching testing instrument has been designed for accurate matching of colours and ensures that quality products will be delivered to the customers. The most amazing benefit one will get with the use of this testing equipment is that the Metamerism rate will get reduced.
You can easily maintain colour consistency in products with the help of this quality testing equipment. Presto colour-matching cabinet-spectrum Asia makes use of standard light sources to measure the colour differences present in the product and lets users view the testing results with a wide view area.
This quality testing equipment has been made as per industry standards including ISO 3664, BS 950, ASTM D 1729, and DIN 6173. This will ensure accuracy in testing results. Thus, we at Presto being the leading manufacturer of lab testing equipment have made it easy for the manufacturers to conduct colour-matching tests on the product.
Below we have listed the features and technical specifications of this quality testing equipment.

Features of Presto colour matching cabinet

This laboratory testing instrument designed by the experts at Presto has been embedded with high-quality features that we have listed below.
  • Standardized and controlled lighting conditions.
  •  Wide Viewing Area
  •  High-Quality Light sources are used
  •  Standards: ISO 3664, BS 950, ASTM D 1729, DIN 6173

Technical specifications of Presto colour matching cabinet

  • This testing equipment is fitted with FIVE Light Sources as per CIE International Standards:
  • D – 65 – Artificial daylight – 2 Nos.
  • TFL Light-Tungsten Filament – 4 Nos.
  • TL – 84 Light-Point of Sale – 1No.
  • UVB Light-Ultra Violet – 1 No.
  • CWF Light-Cool white fluorescent – 1 No.
  • Hour Meter-Imported from Germany to record the cumulative usage.
  • The angle of the viewing booth – is 45 degree
  • Viewing Booth Material – Wood or Steel
  • Time Totaliser – up to 99999.9 hours
These are the technical specifications of the Presto color-matching cabinet. Now, let us discuss how you can get precise testing results with the use of a Presto color-matching cabinet.

How does a colour matching cabinet work?

Colours play a vital role in determining the consistency of products. Testing the colours is an important part of quality control. Thus, by using the Presto colour matching cabinet, it will be easy for you to make sure the right colours will be used in your product.
To conduct colour matching test with the help of the Presto colour matching cabinet, you can follow the steps mentioned below:
  • Place the material at the bottom of a viewing booth at the distance from the illuminator required to obtain the specific luminance. The specimen should be viewed at a distance of 450 to 600mm (18” to 24”).
  • When viewing a glossy surface, it is necessary to avoid seeing the light source secularly reflected by the surface. This may be accomplished by illuminating along the normal to the surface and viewing at 45° C to the normal or illuminating at 45°.
  • The INCA Light consists of four incandescent bulbs. Assessment should be done under filament lighting to ensure that the two samples are still matching. It is this light under which Metamerism is detected (Metamerism–when samples appear to be the same under one light source and become altogether different in another light). If the match is satisfactory, proceed on to the next light.
  • The U.V. Light switch should now be put ON to enable tests to be carried out under ultraviolet light. With the widespread use of fluorescent dyes and brighteners, it is necessary to ascertain if both samples react equally to ultraviolet radiation. It is often found particularly in the case of white samples the U.V.B. Light clearly indicates the presence of fluorescent dyes and bleaches.
  • A final test under TL-84 Triphosphor Fluorescent lamp is carried out to ascertain if the colours are acceptable at the ‘Point of Sale’.
  • If the matching of both the samples holds well under all the lights. It means that the dyeing, printing, and colouring of the sample are as per the requirement.
In this way, you can easily test the variance in colours of your product. Want to conduct a Free sample testing session for this colour-matching testing equipment? If yes, then give us a call at +91 9210903903 or email us at info@prestogroup.com. We will assure you to provide you with the right information for your queries.

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