Sterilize Your Products With Highly Effective Presto's Lab Hot Air Oven

Hot Air Oven

Lab Hot Air Oven are widely used to sterilize various types of products like Medical instruments, rubber products and many more. Presto Stantest, a leading manufacturer of testing equipments, offers highly effective and high-quality of Hot Air Oven. Presto’s Lab Hot air oven equipment is also used to perform various type applications on the product like heating, sterilizing, drying and baking. The equipment is best to maintain the temperature up to 250oC to 300o C for glassware, chemicals, rubbers and medical devices that are used in hospitals, institution and research and development centers. The outer body of the testing device is designed with mild steel and strong welding and plated with bright chrome plating to provide the device from corrosion. This plating provides strong heat resistance surface for a long span of time along with the attractive finish to Lab Hot Air Oven.

The internal surface of the Lab Hot Air Oven is manufactured with stainless steel or aluminum to remove sharp edges. The double walled chamber of the equipment is filled with high-grade insulation to prevent heat loss. Moreover, the digital panel is provided on the top of the instrument to check the temperature.

The Lab Hot Air Oven Equipment creates forced circulation of hot air inside the oven. As per the universal fact, the heat first rises above and then come back to the bottom of the chamber. The instrument is fitted with a circulation fan to create the uniform amount of heat inside the chamber. It is the highly effective test machine which is used for sterilization. The testing equipment offers highly accurate and reliable test results.

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