How Are Destructive Tests Delivering Accurate Test Results?

How Are Destructive Tests Delivering Accurate Test Results

 PET bottles are sturdy and give good protection against environmental conditions and physical stress. This is why it is becoming the most preferred form of packaging among different industries. Beverages, pharma, processed food, etc. are some common examples. However, there are never-ending applications of PET bottles. As it is break resistant, it keeps the content safer for a longer time and can be reused.

There is a huge demand for PET bottles, and sometimes to fulfil the demands in the timeline the manufacturers skip the testing process. This might result in product failure. To avoid such conditions, it is always advised to the manufacturers to incorporate a testing department and if not all, at least a few testing machines.

In this industry, nondestructive and destructive tests are important. There are certain conditions, which need to be simulated to assess the real working behaviour of the bottle. Being destructive in nature, the test destroys the test sample but provides very crucial information about the sample. It helps in setting standards. And not entire batch undergoes destructive tests using hot wire bottle cutter, only samples are tested. It helps in controlling and managing the quality of the entire lot.

It is very important to have a good structure of the bottle to achieve good balancing. To have good balancing, even weight distribution across the bottle is important. If the neck is heavy, the bottle will topple easily. If manufacturer or designer is not performing any of these tests, it would be difficult for him to judge why the bottle is unable to balance well. In critical applications like pharmaceutical packing or chemical packing, packager cannot afford to take such risks.

To assess the uniformity in the bottle, it is cut into 3 equal sections. Each section is weighed individually and match with the standards for specifications of the engineered designs. Manual cutting of bottle would not give precise sections. To avoid human interference, the bottle is cut into 3 different sections, viz, neck, walls, base using hot wire bottle cutter. This machine cuts the bottle without any deformity thus avoiding any error or inaccurate results. In this machine, the bottle is clamped and three wires which are hot enough to cut the PET bottle passes through. The machine is available in 3 wire assembly which is used to cut bottle into 4 pieces as per the testing requirements. 

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