How Salt Spray Test Chamber Has Revolutionized Corrosion Testing?

How Salt Spray Test Chamber Has Revolutionized Corrosion Testing?

Metals are used in different set of materials that makes the manufacturing process much more effective. 

It becomes highly necessary to assess whether these materials are optimum to be used in different environmental conditions. This ensures the smooth working & durability of the end product for the long term. Therefore, evaluating the corrosion resistance of these materials becomes crucial.

Presto Stantest Pvt Ltd has designed a revolutionary lab testing instrument to evaluate the rust-proofing properties of a metal. This enables the manufacturer to attain maximum consumer satisfaction by providing perfectly tested products and thus achieving a good brand reputation.

The revolutionary lab testing instrument is called the salt spray test chamber. The instrument is a result of outstanding engineering and hard work along with the determination to achieve high-quality end products by assessing & evaluating the uncertainties at the initial stages.

Let us understand how the instrument works and aids manufacturers from all across the industries in order to evaluate the corrosion resistance of materials.

Working Mechanism of Salt Spray Test Chamber

The lab testing instrument is used in a lot of industries due to its functioning that promises accuracy & consistency along with top-notch construction incorporated with futuristic features.

The equipment can be sub-categorised into 4 major parts

1. Inner chamber

2. Reservoir tank

3. Air saturator

4. Electrical Panel

To begin with the salt spray test procedure the operator has to place the specimen within the inner chamber. The inner chamber is equipped with 3 different sample positioning placements as per the size and requirement of the operator. It is highly important to make sure the specimen is placed precisely and the canopy of the inner chamber is closed after the placement of the specimen to avoid any external contact that may cause inaccuracy to the sample and leave corrosive effects on the outside.

After the placement of the sample, the operator can simply profile the specimen with the help of an HMI-based touchscreen connected to the electrical panel.

The reservoir tank carrying demineralized water filtered with a layer sponge filter mixes the water with NaCl (sodium chloride /salt), forming a solution among the two which is flowed to the inner chamber with the help of an inlet pipe.

The air saturator elevates the air temperature, operating at 45o C and thus humidifying the air. The humidified air flows to the inner chamber through an inlet pipe.

The salt-water solution from the reservoir tank along with the humidified air is spread across the inner chamber with the help of an atomizer and igus covered with a fog dispenser. The amalgamation of salt water & humidified air forms a concentration of fog which is spread all across the specimen with the atomizer & igus. The fog dispenser ensures uniform spreading of the fog all across the specimen.

The silicon bag heaters incorporated within the walls of the inner chamber ensure the maintenance of temperature elevation for long-term testing.

At this point, the operator can simply assess the reactions of the tested specimen to the artificial climatic conditions around it, enabling manufacturers to measure the uncertainties (if any) and get rid of them at this initial stage.

The salt spray test machine is equipped with an HMI-based touchscreen that indicates the test results for easy & seamless tracking of results and a critical analysis of the previously obtained data.

After the completion of the salt spray test procedure, the operator must make sure to use the air purge before opening up the canopy as it settles down the concentrated fog within the inner chamber due to high compressors. This is necessary to be done in order to safeguard the instruments kept outside from the corrosion-friendly environment formed within the inner chamber.

The salt spray test machine is equipped with certain features that cover the smooth functioning of the instrument with absolute facile and aid the operator in the conduction of the test with no hassle at all.

Key Features of Salt Spray Test Chamber

The salt spray test chamber is loaded with safety features, safeguarding the operator, functioning accuracy-driven approach & testing standards of the instruments.

The robust, anti-corrosive & highly insulated construction of the inner chamber is itself the most pre-eminent feature. The inner chamber is insulated with a 3-layered wall protection including the FRP sheet followed by the MS sheet and anchored by glass wool.

The assembly of silicon bag heaters ensures uniform heating within the inner chamber, maximizing accuracy even in the case of long-term tests.

The 7-alarm feature of the lab testing salt spray test chamber provides a sense of assurance & gains the trust of manufacturers from all across the industries.

The lab testing instrument is available in different sizes of the inner chamber as per the requirement of the customer. It is important to know that the size of the reservoir tank is directly proportional to the size of the inner chamber.

The incorporation of the HMI-based touchscreen allows the manufacturer to profile, record, keep track & single-handedly perform all the tasks without any hassle.  

The salt spray test machine price is offered with an extremely reasonable point of view in order to enhance the quality of testing overall.

Presto Stantest Pvt Ltd. also offers customers to buy salt spray chambers with an absolute assurance of top-notch after-sales support.

Buy Salt Spray Chamber Today

To get your hands on the revolutionary salt spray test chamber, visit our website right away and place an order. To seek further information regarding salt spray chamber price, working, specifications, etc. you can simply write to us via e-mail at or you can call us at +91 9210903903.

Presto Stantest Pvt Ltd tries to serve the manufacturing industry with futuristic la testing instruments to enhance the overall quality of final products. Be a part of the change directed towards high quality. 


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