How to Assess the Qualities of The Flex Pack?

How to Assess the Qualities of The Flex Pack

Flexible packing is used widely in different industries. F&B, cosmetics, consumer goods, electronics are some of the common examples. Due to their flexible nature and low cost, they are replacing many other packaging forms successfully. The reason for their huge likability is their quality. Although, there are many testing processes that are conducted on the packets before bringing them into circulation. In this post, we would shed some light on the testing process that is very important for this industry. 

Seal Strength

Seal plays the lead role in determining the quality of packet. If the seal is not strong, the packet might not leave the filling line in intact position. There are different bonding techniques used to create the perfect seals. But what more important is, whether these seals are working in the way we want them to. Usually, heat sealing technique is used to bond the substrates. Whether the heat sealer is creating enough temperature to create a successful bond. Whether it is applying ample of pressure to make a strong bond? If the dwell time isn’t very high? All these factors are important to consider when packing critical components like automotive lubricants. 

Vacuum Leak

Vacuum leak test detectoris used to determine the leakage in the packing. Even a micron-sized hole allows the air to leak or interfere with the contents packed inside. With the environmental stress, this hole would increase in size and thus lead to the product failure. Presto offers a dry vacuum leak tester to check any defect in the packing. In this test, the sample is made to rest in vacuum pressure kit for certain time, say for 3 minutes. Due to vacuum inside the kit, the air inside the packet starts to expand. If there is any defect, the air inside the packet will start to leak and does not inflate aptly. When the vacuum is released, the packet should return to its original size. If it collapses, this means packet is faulty. 

Perforation Test

When flexible packing is manufactured in a strip, they are perforated for easy tearing. Perforation is done with many types. It is important to have a right perforation, with appropriate strength and design. According to the intended application, the strength can be altered. For instance, in domestic usage, the perforation strength is very less. However, commercially, the strength has to be high. As mishandling is often done and weak strength may lead to damage of adjacent packets. 

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